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How to deal with someone you love with stage 4ns

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My boyfriend was diagnosed at the beginning of September with stage 4 non small lung cancer. It took as both a while to get over the shock. He is now doing chemo and radation. He will be done around the first week of November. It is starting to take a toll on our relationship. He doesn't want to go outside anyone and is putting everything on hold. He lives with his mom and daughter and I have been staying with him ever since we found out. He is putting everything on hold. He also wants me to change. What advice can people give me that is going trough this or has been? I am trying to be strong but its hard. I was happy until we found not and he started changing everything because of this. Is this normal?

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Nothing is normal with cancer... I just got on today here... Your the first post I've read.
I need someone to talk with also.
Everyone goes through this in their own way. The cancer patient and the caregivers...
If you would like to talk and vent like I would e mail me...

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That is fine. My email is yahoo. candle21113.


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My husband of 48 years has stage 4 also. The stress on their body and mind is tremendous!
A book I read helps me to understand - "Help me to Live" 20 things people with cancer want you to know - by Lori Hope. Your local library should have the book.
God Bless you both