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2010 I was diagnosed with stage IV anal cancer. after an extensive treatment plan of 7 weeks of radiation and chemo (bag attached to a port that was inserted in my chest) I am working very hard to beat this disease. Healthy eating and walking. I would like to join a gym and try some classes, swimming, exercises, etc. I feel it is essential to build a good immune system to beat this disease. my concern is my port. does anyone with this cancer partipate in exercise that still have their port. what type of exericses do you do, etc. concerns,feedback, comments would be appreciated. i talked to my dr. he see's no problem except for heavy lifting that would tear my stiches that are holding my port in place.

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Hello and welcome, sorry you had to find us. I completed tx on 6-30-09 and still have my port. I do everything I want, and have never had an issue. I mow, edge, weed eat the yard, I lift up to 70 lbs as thats my job requirement, I swim and walk. I wish you well with your exercise program.

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My port was removed in the early spring this year, but I prior to that, I did everything I wanted to do. I swam, practiced Pilates, yoga, ballet, lifted lighter weights. Mostly walked for hours outside, taking in the welcomed warmth of spring. My only suggestion is to ease yourself into a routine. Your body has been through a lot. Be kind to yourself! I never stopped excercising entirely through treatment and thought I could just hit it hard afterward. My body told me otherwise. :)

Happy that you are taking good care of yourself.

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I had my port from July 21, 2008 until December 8, 2008. Even in that short time, I was able to walk, run a little (after treatment ended) and lift weights. I really think exercise is very important to overall well-being, so do what you can do and listen to your body. If something hurts, stop. Otherwise, start slow and work your way up and you'll be getting in a good workout in no time! Good luck!

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