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Has anyone ever had anal canal dilation? I had it done during the exam under anesthesia, but haven't noticed that much difference. Apparently there's scar tissue which is to be expected and guess I'll have to have it done again in a few months. Wish some of the scar tissue could be removed, but guess that might cause more harm than good...

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I've heard of this procedure to alleviate the symptoms of anal stenosis (shrinking of the anal canal) due to radiation. Unfortunately, it probably is a procedure that might need to be repeated if scar tissue continues to build up. As for removing scar tissue surgically, I've also heard of a few people having that done. However, radiated tissue does not heal well sometimes, so a lot of doctors are reluctant to do that. My colorectal doctor will not even do routine biopsies post-treatment because of healing issues, and will only do a biopsy if there are symptoms or findings on an exam. If I were you, I'd talk to my doctor about this.

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To add to what Martha said, my rad onc told me that in most cases, regular, solid bowel movements keep the anal canal from shrinkage following treatment. And that does make sense to me.


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Unfortunately, my radiation oncologist wasn't very helpful. All he mentioned were loose stools which I had for awhile. He didn't have an alternate remedy for radiation burns. I couldn't use silverdene because I'm allergic to sulfa. Told me to use cortisone cream, but knew you can't use that on large areas. When I ended up in the hospital in May the wound care nurse prescribed xenaderm ointment with an application of desitin on top of that.

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I was prescribed Biafine in place of silverdene. It helps with the itching. I apply it in the morning and evening. I was told that the skin will heal and the itching will stop.
3 months out of treatment. Hoping...

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That's probably why my colon/rectal dr didn't do a biopsy. He said everything looked fine. The oncologist and radiation dr had mentioned biopsy. I'm sure I'll have to be stretched again. Just hope it doesn't close up... At least I can still poop just takes some effort at times - like my rear end is like an extruder. Kind of like those playdough toys... The fun never ends...literally...

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