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Fluid retention

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Help!! I haven't posted for awhile cuz hosp visits take up much of my time. I began retaining fluids when they did the experimental Atgam treatment on me in May. Since then I've gone in to have my stomach drained twice. The first time 2 liters and on the 26th, 5.5 liters. Now I am so full again, but my onc wants to wait till I see the GI. Which is not until the 22nd of Sept. I haven't had a good day since I was I first found I out out that I had this, bowel movements continue to kill me, did something go wrong in the hemmy surgery? She gave me two medications to take while I wait for the Gi exam, and alls they do is make me sleep and pee. Thanks, Melodie

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Unfortunately, I can't offer any help - but I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you the best. You've been through so much - I hope it gets resolved soon.

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darn it!!! seems like something always happens with this ?/?/?/ cancer. probably not the same as yours but when i was put in hospital after tx, i got all swelled up in tummy and legs. they told me to start walking to try to get it off. they probably had something in my iv's too but i was too goofy to know what it was. can you walk a little very carefully so as not to fall??? so sorry for this mess. hugs sephie

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I've tried walking, and on Monday night I fell. I now have a fractured femur in my right leg and am hospitalized once again. Spent Monday in surgery, then have been laid up with one leg dangling in the air. I never even did this while I was single, LOL. Hurts like a *****, and I hate taking pain meds, but I think I'll start. My son is gonna be here in 18 days and I want to be outta here by then. No matter how much I eat, I'm still holding at 82. They tell me my bones are just waiting to crack...but why don't they do something about it? Melodie

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I couldn't believe it when I read that you now have a fractured femur! You've certainly had way more than your share of things to deal with. This should be a wake-up call to any and all of us who have had pelvic radiation. Our bones have been cooked and are not as strong as they once were, making fractures a real possibility. I fell off a chair awhile back (standing on it like an idiot to get something out of a cabinet) and landed on my left hip. I am so fortunate I didn't end up breaking something. I hope you get out of that hospital ASAP and mend quickly!

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