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Coping with cancer, in your 20's or 30's, and live in/around Wilmington NC?

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29 yr old wife and 30 yr old husband (has stage 4 colon cancer) looking for friends in the Wilmington area with similar circumstances to meet with and chat with about life in Cancertown and all the fun it brings. Would love to have a friend to go to lunch with, vent to, and share support with. It gets so difficult always having to be the barer of gloom and doom with our cancer free friends.

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Hope you find a friend in NC to get with, I remember first fighting my NPC and having no one to talk to about it, 9 years later and still very few people who know anything about NPC except for here on CSN.

Wishing you well

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Ops sorry

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I did a little digging online and didn't find a lot.
I saw where you have posted on other sites which increases
your odds.

I live in Winston Salem so not very close to you. You might
try the folks where you get treatments or the hospital social workers.
Maybe they can help put you in touch with someone in your area?

Good luck.


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I have seen this post a couple of times and felt I should mention something but haven't and I think that I really should at least pass this by you.

The internet can be a very helpful and supportive tool in dealing with cancer, like this site but unfortunately as in all areas of life there are always those who take advantage of people in vulnerable situations. I would really advise you not to post that you want to hook up with anyone online. If you are looking for support in your area I am sure that contacting this site or the American Cancer Society Info Line can go far in pointing you in the right direction to support groups in your area. You can probably get info too from your doctors as to possible support groups at the hospitals where you are being treated. In those groups you might be able to meet someone there who would like to discuss your situations in common on a more person basis as friends too. Just a safer way to meet people who you have things in common with, as a general rule. The net has it's dark side too. This site is great as are most of the people I have had contact with in writing, but you just never know on the internet and I would assume if someone answered your post you might just give out your address or other contact information, unaware of who you are really giving it too, when just writing in a post.

Just thought I would fling in my 2 cents.



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