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Anyone with Stage 1a UPSC?

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When I was diagnosed in March 2008, I began extensive research to determine what I believed to be the most effective treatment and the likely prognosis for this subset of uterine papillary serous carcinoma. Some studies indicate that observation could be considered for this stage, but the most recent study--at MD Anderson--quoted one of the researchers as saying that she would never feel comfortable making this recommendation.

Most studies reported that women with stage 1a who underwent chemotherapy had a 100 percent progression-free survival rate. Of course, most studies have been small; and studies earlier than 2005 are not reliable.

What is the experience of others who have this diagnosis? I have been NED for almost three years (I had chemotherapy and five brachytherapy treatments, which ended in November 2008); and my understanding is that once we hit the two-year NED mark, the recurrence rate drops sharply. Nevertheless, I live as if the cancer is just waiting to pounce again.

I am vigilant about living an anti-cancer life--eating an almost exclusively organic vegetarian anti-inflammatory diet, with plenty of turmeric/olive oil/black pepper added to my food; exercising several times a week; "trying" to keep stress out of my life; laughing often. This is what I will do for the rest of my life, and I would love to be more confident that I can live a long life.

I know I am probably very lucky; and my heart goes out to those women here whose struggles are so much more difficult than mine. This message is meant only for those women who might be in my position.

Love to all,


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This has been such a great thread to read.  Hearing stories of those who have survived and continue to thrive is uplifting.  Jill - you were one of the first people I "encountered" when I joined this forum and your research and information has been such a help to me.  I am delighted that you are nearly at your 5 year anniversary and will be released back into the wild! 

We all need to continue to be vigilant against the return of this beast and to never let our guard down - it came back to attack me 7 years after my hysterectomy!  It is sneaky and we need to use all our wiles to defeat it. I am sure that an anti cancer lifestyle (healthy eating, excercise etc) plays a major role in keeping this desease at bay.  I am on my third recurrence, but it is being kept stable with hormone therapy (letrozole) and the latest scan shows that it has not changed since last November.  I attribute this both to the hormone treatment and the lifestyle/dietary changes I have made. Without the ladies on this forum, I would not have had the knowledge and information to make those changes.

Love to everyone

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Together, we have learned about the importance of eating well, reducing stress (not easy!), and getting exercise. We've shared what has been helpful for each of us, and we have gained so much from our combined contributions to this forum.

Through the encouragement of other women here, I have been able to be vigilant. I'm human, though, and do the "wrong" things at times. However, if we follow the anti-cancer/anti-inflammatory dietary guidelines MOST of the time, I think we are doing far better than most people.

I'm praying that my 5-year checkup goes well and that all of the women here continue to do WELL. My heart is with you all, and I am forever grateful for all of the love, support, and information you have given me.






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