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mucous discharge

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I am 9 months post treatment for anal canal cancer. Can anyone tell me when and if the anal mucous discharge ends? I am sooo tired of having to wear a pad 24/7

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I don't recall cramping, I just know since we are in the healing process, any food that the colon to rectal to anus that our bodies will not tolerate will be expunged. I know sometimes I would eat and it would go right through me. Are you drinking plenty of water? That might help with the digestion of the food. I'm glad your doctor is aware of what your experiencing and I hope the medicine will alleviate the cramping. lori

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I,m trying to drink as much water as i can. What i really what is a coke lol.I.ll wait on till i,m over this cramping. I,m a lot better.thank you shirley

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Here is the thread about the mucous discharge. Lori

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Almost two years on from end of treatment I sometimes experience, mucus, spots of blood and most frightening, occasional jelly like blood clots when going to the toilet. Does this happen to other survivors? 


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