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panic attacks

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its probably normal to be nervous starting IMRT treatment.You get on these web pages that give you all the probable side effects,you read others accounts of treatment and find its ok.My predictiment is doubled becasue I have a wife on dialysis and demands scratching and other care for skin problems.Its exhausting.Iam not accepting radiation treatment well.39 days everyday taking a good part out of the day.It would be easy to give up Its hard to hold up both ends care for her and now this IMRT stuff. Years ago I had prostate surgery and took it well a positive atitude and all that. Then right in the middle of it we are in the process of buying a new house which wasn,t my idea. So my life constantly takes on more and more burdens. Its hard not to lay down and give up but even the reprocussions of that severe

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With the hope that it will give you encourgement, here's what it was like for me to go through radiation treatments. Not sure my treatments were the same process as yours. I went 36 days, weekdays only. Like you, I had prostate surgery several years earlier. My PSA began to rise 12 years after the surgery. My uro said we would begin radiation when my PSA reached 1.0. It took two years to reach that level. The treatments themselves were not uncomfortable. The technicians insisted that I keep my bladder full before and while receiving the radiation. That was bearable but not always comfortable. Aside from that, I felt OK throughout the treatments. I got moderately tired about two-thirds through the program. It was wintertime and I had a cold. I think that was what sapped my energy. Fortunately, my wife was in good health and supportive.

Hope this is helpful. Keep your spirits up as well as you can. I extend good wishes and express high hopes for you.

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Thanks for the reasurance. 39 treatments for me.They want me to keep my bladder full,but gave me a plastic travel mug of sorts with a lid to fill with water and drink.(not a big contanier) Thanks again

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