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Uterine Cancer Recurrence Question

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Hi Everyone
I was diagnosed with uterine cancer - grade II -- in September 2010. I had a full abdominal hysterectomy in October. The pathology showed that it was fully contained in the uterus so no chemo or radiation was necessary.

Over the past 2 or 3 months I have had blood a couple of times when I wiped myself. Not alot - but plenty to notice. Bright red.

I see my oncologist next week - but my family dr said he expected the oncologist to do a chest xray.

Any experience with this symptom? I am hoping it is "nothing" but I realize that is probably very naive.

I don't have any other issues - I have been tired since the surgery but I figured that had alot to do with being overweight as much as the surgery.

I would appreciate any honest feedback. If it is back, it is back and I will have to deal with it. But it scares me and I hate "waiting" as I know you all do.

Also - I have never had a CA 125 test -- is that only for ovarian cancer -- any feedback on that?

Thanks for listening


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Hi Jan,

I was also diagnosed with stage 2 uterine cancer, confined to the uterus but touching the cervix walls.
I am currently getting chemo. My onco recommended, according to protocol, 6 cycles of 3 treatments each, a total of 18 treatments. I am starting my last cycle on Friday. I live in San Diego, CA.
If you think the cancer came back, the good news, in my opinion, is that there should chemo treatment available for you since you never had any.

A CA 125 test is not a cancer test. It is a good indicator, antigen, of whether any cancer treatment is working or not. Some times, people with cancer have low or normal CA 125, <21, and in other cases the CA 125 is high and the person has no cancer.

My strongest advice is BE PRO ACTIVE. Request an ultra sound or any other test of the colon. According to my oncologist, if cancer reoccurred it could be in the liver, colon or lungs. Remember that in many cases cancer caught on time is curable.

Please keep me posted about your doctor's visit.

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Hi Jan, It is very scary to be bleeding and not know why with a history of uterine cancer. The cancer could have developed in your cervix. It also could be in lungs or colon. Have a CT or MRI of your lungs not just a chest x-ray. I am assuming you had adenocarcinoma/endometrial cancer. I am kind of wondering why you didn't have chemo atleast before...Taxol and Carboplatin which seems to be the most common protocol. It is so hard to wait for your next appointment. Please take care...

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Hi Lori
I am in Canada and CT or MRI tests, if you get them, will take months to get. I had endometrial cancer, grade II - not sure of stage but probably 1(a) or (b) as Dr said he was 98% sure I would never see it again.

Well... I hope he knows what he is talking about.

If it were back and in the colon or lung - wouldnt there be some symptoms?

Canadian healthcare is great in that I never ever have to worry about medical costs - BUT - I have no options about hospital, doctor or treatment plans. I am lucky to see my dr so fast - which makes me worry too -- he must suspect something or I would be on the waiting list as other patients are to see him.

Very stressful but I am trying my best to think positively and kick out any negative what ifs.

Thanks for your posts - I appreciate the support.


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I was Stage 2B. I would think that you would have symptoms like bleeding from rectum or with lung maybe shortness of breath or a cough.
I have family in Fort Francis. Some of my relatives are Canadian. I know that your healthcare system is very good. Here in the US if you get cancer you will definately have financial hardships. And if you lose your job good luck finding any company to write a policy for you.
Can you order some guided imagary CDs from the internet- Belaruth Naperstak has great CDs to help with controlling anxiety and building the immune system.
I will keep you in my prayers. (((HUG)))

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