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the chat room on here

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im new on here...im jeff...liposarcoma stage 4 with metastasis...i was just wondering people werent on chatting..ive been monitoring for a few days...havent seen anyone chatting...is there a different site where people like us chat? just wondering....thanx

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Hey Jeff,

I am sorry to hear about your situation. Are you having any treatments? I have my first surgical oncology appointment this Friday 8/12/11. I am really hoping it's just a lipoma like the MRI said it "could" be. I would love to chat as well and can never find anyone on there. If you find a better place for chatting will you please post it so I can go there too? I hope to talk to you soon. I will keep you in my prayers.


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hi kris..as it turns out during the evening is the best time to use the chatroom on here...i hope to see you there sometime...its a great place to get support, give support and be part of the group...i hope yours turns out to be lipoma...mine didnt..mine turned out to be liposarcoma...i took 6 rounds of doxarubicin/adrimicin and study chemo...im 1.5 months out and getting some hair back..hope to chat with you soon...God bless...jeff

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Hi, I just found this chat site and want to give some encouragement to all of you who are facing any kind of cancer but especially Liposarcoma. My husbands nephew, who is only 34, discovered he had cancer a few months ago and went to have more test done, it turned out to be Lipocarcoma and yesterday (Sept 27th, 11) he had surgery. The surgery lasted 4 hours and they took out a 58 lbs tumor out of his stomach. He is now 75 pounds lighter than he went in. He also lost a kidney for it was affected but I want to stress that he IS DOING WELL. He came through surgery just fine and looks very good. He has his color back is coharent and really is in good spirits. He has a long road ahead of him with chemo and check ups and all that but he gave everyone hope. He began a healthy eating regimin about a month ago and along with his wife and his father built a garden and is now only eating healthy food. This, without a doubt, had a lot too do with his surgery going well for his immune system was built way up and I am so very thankful that he is doing the right thing. So, this is an encouragement for all of you and I hope everyone reads this and is encouraged to fight this ugly disease we call cancer. Also, the prayer chain we set up on facebook and in person helped a lot, the positive energy was there throughout this surgery and God held the doctors hand while saving my husbands nephews life. So, please keep the faith, pray to the Good Lord, keep a positive attitude, and take good care of your body and you, too, will win this fight. Good luck and I will be checking in on the progress of all of you.

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