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Oops...I spoke too soon. But it should still make you smile.

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I posted the other day that my mom requested, and heartily ate, a piece of pizza and a hot dog after months and months and months of not eating.

I knew that sometimes a person who is in the process of passing will have a quick rebound where they eat, ask for relatives, and generally appear to be better before the final decline. Her request for junk food made me joyous, and, if we're being honest, scared me just a tiny, little bit.

Ho****e called this evening and said that she has reached the place of her end stage. She declined rapidly since this morning, and is expected to pass relatively soon.

I am SOOOOO glad she enjoyed that pizza and hot dog. In her pre-cancer life, she was a gourmet cook, and a pretty refined lady, and all that she craved in the final analysis was a hot dog and slice of pie. Gotta love her.

Please pray for her to have a peaceful transition, and that heaven is filled with pizza, hot dogs, and all the ice cream sundaes she can stand. I am getting the feeling her spirit will leave foie gras behind.

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I just saw this post and wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and your mom. The last thing my husband ate was gelato and it brought a smile to his face.

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It was the last thing she ate. Glad she enjoyed it as much as she did!

Hmmm...gelato sounds good right now. Would it be wrong to send my husband out to get some?

Prayers for your husband. If you message me his name, I'll light a candle for him on Saturday at my mom's services. A lot of my prayers for her (and me) in her last days were that we could help to absorb the suffering of the cancer patients and loved ones who caregive for them. I will be saying prayers for a lot of people on Saturday!!

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