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Oasis of Hope

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If you’re considering Oasis of Hope hospital, my advice to you is too go at your own risk.
My brother, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, went there with high hopes and good spirits.
While there he encountered a language barrier problem and a delayed response for pain medication which was finally administered after he paid an extra charge.
He arrived home, with no particular instructions as to his care- We admitted him because of his condition the next day to our hospital in California and as I’ve stated before, he died 4 days later.
After a certified letter, 3 Emails, and numerous phone calls to Oasis, I have received no response at all to my questions, not even a condolence card or letter.
Please note that the answer to my brother’s original inquires about Oasis were answered within 24 hours with a phone call from the staff.
Since then—Nothing!!
Ultimately, it seems that money takes precedence over the care and responsibility due the patients at Oasis.
I feel that Dr. Contreras and his staff have acted in a very unprofessional manner and lack the common courtesy which should be expected from a Doctor and his staff!

The following certified letter was sent to Dr. Contreras following the death of my brother three days after returning from Oasis Hospital.
In the following months many phone calls to the doctor’s assistants took place. After being assured that his case was being evaluated, we still have received no response from either him or my brother’s doctors.
Please read this letter before making any decision to seek treatment at Oasis of Hope Hospital.

Dr. Contreras,

I’m writing on behalf of my brother Michael Beatty who was a patient at your hospital from July 26th thru Aug.5th. His daughter Shawn Menezes accompanied him as his companion.
He was admitted with Stage 4 Lung Cancer which had spread to several areas of his body. He tried to complete your program, but was unable to swallow most of the nutraceuticals during his last week—He had such hope and tried so hard!
He came home on Aug.5th and on Aug.6th we rushed him to the Emergency Ward at St.Agnes Hospital in Fresno, Ca.
He was immediately diagnosed with Pneumonia (food in his lungs) and we were told that there was little to no hope. He died on Aug.10th, having gained consciousness for only one day leading up to that time.
During his stay at Oasis his first several days went OK, but by the second week things began to go very wrong. He couldn’t eat or swallow well, had a lot of pain and suffered from both constipation and trouble urinating.
This occurred over the weekend and very little was done except to implant a Catheter and give him water enemas. By Monday his pain was excruciating and his doctor (Dr. Lagos) would not increase his morphine! He was told that only the Pain Specialist could do that.
My brother (Mike) and Shawn asked that some tests be given to see what was wrong (maybe just a simple blockage) before he saw the Pain Specialist.
A Pelvic X-Ray and Cat Scan were performed—these had not yet been done and its now late into the second week of treatment! The results were late in coming, but he was eventually told that it was the Cancer that was causing the pain. Another day passed before the Pain Specialist could see him and then finally more morphine was given!
Was this suffering and subsequent delay necessary?
During this time there was also a language barrier problem in trying to relate my brother’s symptoms to both the nurses and Dr. Lagos. Things had to be repeated several times and even then there was a question as to whether Shawn or my brother was really understood. Again, I feel the language barrier was a critical issue!
As all of this was occurring Shawn (his daughter) was still trying to give my brother the nutraceuticals and Dr. Lagos kept encouraging her to do so. She called me several times in tears as he couldn’t eat and could barely swallow!
Why had Dr. Lagos not realized (because of the swallowing problem) that something else was wrong—that perhaps the food was not going down as it should and just maybe was going into his lungs? As far as we know he was not given a Chest X-Ray which might have shown this. If not, isn’t Pneumonia and this type of complication something to watch for in Stage 4 Lung Cancers? Shouldn’t some of these problems have been anticipated?
All and all I don’t feel that my brother Mike was given the kind of care that should have been available in your hospital. He had Stage 4 Cancer and his needs were plainly not addressed. All that seemed to matter was that he got the IRT Therapy and hope that nothing else was to go wrong.
When my brother arrived at Oasis he could walk, was in good spirits and excited about your program.
When I picked him up at the border (11 days later) he could not walk without assistance and was sent home with a catheter still attached! It was obvious to me that he was much worse than when I brought him down. I believe that this was due to some of the complications that happened when he was in your care—lack of diagnosis of Pneumonia, no Chest X-Ray, delay in pain management, and the language barrier. He was in a “stupor” during most of our 8 hour drive home.
Why didn’t Dr. Lagos order that he go directly to a hospital when he arrived home? We even called him (Dr. Lagos) that night and told him that my brother was very sick and only semi-conscious! Dr Lagos just said to keep giving him the nutraceuticals but to reduce them by 1/3. Clearly he did not understand the problem and had not even considered Pneumonia--5 days later my brother died!
Dr. Contreras, I do realize that in dealing with cancer patients, things do not always go as planned. However, I would hope that over the many years that you and your father have treated these patients it would become imperative that these needs be addressed promptly and that needless suffering be avoided.
I do want you to know that I still believe in your program of IRT Therapy-- ie.”Boosting the immunity of one’s own body to fight the cancers.” I would definitely consider coming to Oasis myself if I were in the earlier stages of this terrible disease. However, I would like to see that some of the above issues mentioned, were to be addressed and corrected.
I would hope that some compensation would be sent back to the family as my brother could not complete some of the treatment.
We are also sending back the unopened containers of the nutraceuticals of which the money, we were told would be refunded.
Please let us know that you have received this letter personally—thank you for taking the time to read it. We look forward to your timely response.

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I don't think i would go there after reading what your Dad went through, no i know wouldn't.......

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darn tootin'! what the heck are'nutraceuticals' anyhow?

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Where the heck is that? sounds just plain awful! hope you get some satisfaction

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sounds like it is in Mexico. (language barrier) I've heard plenty of people search for treatment in Mexico, but I don't know the statistics.

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Why would someone do that? Does your insurance work there? Get real

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