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Recently diagnosed with SCC of the Nasal Septum

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Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with SCC of the Nasal Septum (Mar 2011). It was discovered accidently (however the radiologist noted the mass on the CT scan) during a surgery to repair a deviated septum (1st surgery). My only symptom was a little nasal stuffiness. I had another surgery (18 Apr 11) to remove the remaining tumor bed and most of the tissue from my right septum and some bone. All of the margins came back clean, however some abnormal cells were found in my lymph tissue and the docs are recommending radiation. I guess the silver lining through all of this is that I'm glad I decided to retire from the Navy, if not who knows how long the tumor would have been up there growing.

I'm looking to make contact with folks that have gone through a similar experience and if anyone has had radiation treatment using this new Rapid Arc system.

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Welcome to the forum fellow vet...six years Marine Corps here.....

Sorry you found your way here medically speaking, but you found an awesome forum. Great folks, tons of information, experience and history from survivors in all stages of treatment and recovery.

I can't speak of your particular diagnosis and treatment, I had STGIII SCC HPV+ tonsil cancr and a lymphnode.

Chemo and radiation followed...IMRT Radiation to be more precise.

Someone will chime in more than likely. I just wanted to welcome you and thank you for your years of service.


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Ditto to the Thank you for your service to our country.
What is ARC radiation?

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Thanks for replying.

Almost 24 years in the Navy and looking forward to getting out. Still not sure what my stage is (have PET scan next tuesday) had an MRI a few weeks ago before the second surgery and the Army docs thing the swelling in lymph nodes was due to the 1st surgery, however I'm not convinced.

I am glad that I found this site.


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After reading your post I looked up Rapid Arc it's actually been around for a few years....

I can'r really find anything supporting much difference between it and IMRT other than it might be a little more precise for less surrounding tissue collateral damage and a little shorter time frame...

Other than that they seem to be delivered pretty much the same.


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Yeah I found the same thing.


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In 2008 I had IMRT radiation to my sinus' and my lymphs in my neck due to having esthesionueroblastoma in my Ethmoid Sinus and Nasopharnyx. Here is a good site from the ACS on Radiation to H&N you can copy and paste into your web browser


Here is another for support on H&N Cancers:

They offer a book called "We Have Walked In Your Shoes - A Guide to Oral, Head and Neck Cancer" they ship free of charge that I used faithfully every day to help track my meds, side effects, eating and drinking charts, recipes, mouth and sinus rinse schedule... etc. I really suggest this book to anyone who is going to have radiation to the Head, especially nose and mouth. The side effects are sometimes tough, the treatments made me nervous in the beginning but once I got over the initial schock of the process, I was fine.

I would also suggest google on You Tube "Radiation Mask for Head and Neck", so you can see what may be in your future. I had no clue, and for me the not knowing is what gets me all worried. Gotta love You Tube lol

Please feel free to email me anytime if you have questions or just need someone to chat with. sirenaf44@yahoo.com

Take care and keep us posted on your progress!!

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My name is john I had the same diagnosis back in dec 2009,I had to have sub total Rhynectomy and removal of lymph nodes in the neck as a pre caution,all margins came back clear and my oncologist suggested that I have radiation treatment,so far everthing has been worthwhile with my life slowly getting back to normal,considering the initial prognosis my doctors are very pleased with the outcome and I remain a positive as I can,my doctors are fantastic.

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I am fairly new to this site, but not to cancer. I had it in the nasal cavity and sinus. Now dealing with a recurrence in sinus and eye. Suppose to have eye removal next week. I am just taking things one day at a time. it is hard to find many people with cancer in this area.

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wow Kim,
Your situation sounds just like my mother's!! She had scc of the left sinuses. now she has a recurrence in eye muscle and has to have the eye removed. Who is your doctor? i would love to be able to talk with you more.

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Hi kim how did your surgery go?

My mum has just been diagnosed with scc in her nasal cavity, epthoid sinus's, maxillary sinus's.  They are opting to remove the eye, eye socket nasal bridge and the maxillary bone.  She is terrified of tis option to loose so much of her face.  Can you offer and help or advice thanks

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