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My first Post Treatment PSA resutts!

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Just got a call from my Oncologist and wanted to share with all the results of my first post treatment PSA results. My pre-treatment PSA was 4.4 and my post treatment PSA was a 1.2! It appears that I had a good response to the Cyberknife treatment process. My next lab work is scheduled for September and I will post those results as soon as I have them. Thanks to all for your support and encouragement!

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That's great news! Hope you celebrate this evening


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Always like hearing good things......have a double pomogranate juice on me.........

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Soon you will be reporting on the Zeros too. Congratulations for the first results.
Wishing you a complete recovery.

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I'm glad you shared it. Should be very encouraging to those considering cyber knife treatment!


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That's great!

Your PSA reading (3 month?) is already below my 6 month result. Hoping to get something close to 1 at the end of June when my next PSA test is schedule.

Sounds like you're making good progress and am glad it's working out for you.