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can anyone help me know my possible outcome.... my dr just said we will treat this...
i am 58 years old, female, a transplant paient (so a reduced immune system)

i had a 2 inch squamous cell tumor (that grew in just 30 days) taken out of my neck, it was stage 4 cancer, including cancer in my lymph nodes on that side of my neck. cancer also in the skin there, and tissue.....

dr said he cut as close as possible to the cartoid artry going to the brain but the safe margins may not be there....

going to start cemo and radition together in 2 weeks.

before surgery i was told chances were 50/50 for 5 years if surgery went well...... it did not go well....

i am waiting biospay results on some of the jaw bone they cut off...

thank you

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D Lewis
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I believe MKBrad, who posts on here, is a transplant patient. You might do a search for some of his posts.

So sorry you've become a member of the group. Best wishes for your biopsy results.


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Statistics are just numbers, don't look at them or be overly concerned. Main thing is to just concentrate on the positive. Do your treatments and progress from there.

There's a lot going into determing statistics, everyone is different and each of us have our own chracteristics, hereditary factors, general overall health, HPV, age all of that plays into it.

treatment is very good these days and there is a very good success rate. There's many on here that are well over 10 - 15 years post treatment and still doing very well in life.

Welcome to our forum also, sorry about your situation that brought you here. But there are many excellent people here in various stages of treatment, recovery and survivorship.

Thoughts & Prayers,

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To let you know about odds when my cancer came back a third time I was only giving less them a 5% chance that was 6 years ago. Keep your attitude and your outlook positive; if you believe in God pray every day. I have found this is what made the difference in my outcome.

Take care my friend

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I pretty had the same problem, mine was SCC that became 5 golf ball sized nodes wrapped around the carodit, he said he could not do surgery first it was way to risky. So we did treatments to shrink the nodes and the followed up with surgery. Mine 5 tumors were fast growing, happen in just over 3 weeks.

We are not a percentage, he told me when I asked about my chances. He said do we walk around and look at people and say he has a 62% chance over there, that one there has a 40 percent change. Answer is no. He looked at me and said there are two chances, first one will not happen and second one you will live as long as you maintain a Positive Mental Attitude and those care givers around you do the same. So your either going to live or die. By the way that was 15 plus years ago. I followed his instructions and the results. Additionally he looked and me and said you will be fine as long as your eyes do not stare at the floor as this means your have given up. Never, Never, Never give up.

Treatments will be hard there is no doubt but with a PMA, support from care givers and keeping your faith you will be OK. But it's not going to be easy.

Good Luck and prayers go out to you, your caregivers and doctors.

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That's exactly how I feel about it. Attitude Attitude ATTITUDE! I always said I am not a statistic. I'm a human being. I don't play percentages. There's really only two options. Live or die. Chose live.

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Everyone is different. HPV, age, etc.etc.etc. There ate just too many variables at work here to give something as concrete as a number. My mother was 61 when diagnosed stage four lung adenoid cancer with two metastasis to her brain. 2.5 years later, brain surgery, chemo, and rads and she is still here. Her cancer is being stubborn, but she is still here and waiting for the lord to heal her.

Prayers and thoughts to you,


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