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I am losing my toenail.
Should I see my foot Dr or just let nature take its course. Dr taking it off
It is painful to walk on, but I can,t stand the thought of the Dr taking it off.
Has this happened to anyone else. What did you do about it?

You would think going though chemo & now doing rads I could handle Dr taking nail off.

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It's just my opinion, but if you are not in pain or especially uncomfortable with it, I would let nature take its course. If it is bothering you, see a podiatrist to see if it needs to come off. They do this stuff everyday and I would much rather have one of them do it than a regular doctor. Good luck to you! I have had two removed and it wasn't fun, though those were not coming off, just ingrown and infected.


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Nine of mine came off by themselves without any help from me, except maybe a little bit of pulling when they were just hanging on by a corner - didn't hurt at all. However, my big toenail did get an infection underneath as it was loosening and had to be removed by a podiatrist. So if you see anything odd, like pus or blood, or have lots of pain, you should get to a dr. Good luck, Linda

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My opinion .. leave toe nail alone, until it falls off naturally .. or lifts enoughs that you can snapped it off.

Keep feet clean and dry, wearing 100% cotton socks to protect newly nail-less toe (s). I also used daily .. Iodine wash after showering to avoid infections, and protect newly exposed tissue.

You may want to call your Oncologist and see what he/she suggests.

Best of Luck ..

Vicki Sam

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I experienced the same problem after I started my chemo. I soak my feet in warm Epson salt water daily. Its important to keep the nail moistened and it eases the pain. Then just let nature take her course my friend.

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Double Whammy
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It's almost 8 months since my last chemo and my fingernails are no longer peeling and completely normal, but just yesterday I lost a toenail. Only my big toenails seem to have been effected. Finally lost the left one, waiting on the right one. I'm hoping the slow growing/falling off of my toenails means there's still a chance all my hair will return!


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chemo March 16 2010
Doing last 1/2 of rads.
Hair is coming back in.
It is about @ the 5 O'clock shadow stage.

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My toenail didn't come completely off, but if I'd had one more treatment I think it would have. It was my big toenail. I'm now trying to "save" since my treatment is over. A foot doctor might be able to give you some relief.

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they turned dark brown and black and as they grew out they started to fall out. I heard that might happen. I can't wait til they grow back in naturally so I can get a manacure.

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