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cannibus/hemp oil

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I am new to this website, actually I have been reading on here for a while and just decided to join. Anyway, my father is the one with cancer, neuroendocrine and squamish. He is in his second of seven weeks of radiation. Hes had one three day cycle of chemo and will have another in three weeks. He's having every side effect possible and is just miserable.
Anyway, back to my question. Ive been watching documentaries all morning about how cannibus and/or hemp oil is curing even people with terminal cancer. Has anyone tried this or heard anything about this topic?
Any information would be helpful. I havent told my dad about this yet and I know he will think im crazy, but ive got some very good information on this topic already.
Thanks in Advance,

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I have not heard that cannabis (or hemp oil) cures cancer, and would be curious to know where you got that information except that I'm afraid to ask. I DO know that the active ingredient in cannabis (THC) has long been known to alleviate pain associated with nausea and even to promote appetite (my mom was provided THC pills in the early 90s in Texas of all places, while dealing with ovarian cancer and, ultimately, a metastasis of breast cancer to her brain), but that's as far as it goes, as far as I know.

Best wishes to your dad.

Take care,


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I'm curious to know why you'd be afraid to ask where I've heard that?
There is a 2010 documentary called can Cannibus cure cancer
And from there I just started Googling the topic.
Just curious to know more about this. I know medical marijuana can
Be prescribed for nausia and loss of appetite. However,
I'm wondering if there is anyone here who can actually
say this helped them

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First know that my treatments were 15 years ago and meds have made major strides since then. I was given pills for nauseau however every time I took one I would vomit it up. At $35.00 per pill this was not good. The X-Ray tech recommened I smoke a bit of marijuana before I take the pills and see if that helped and it did. Two puffs and the pills stayed down. Funny thing was I never got high nor did it spike my appetite but I know it did for some other people (I was too busy fighting the millions of "PacMen" in my blood system I think).

Did it cure anything? Just the nausea however that allowed me to continue treatments with a stronger body.

Now the suppositories and new drugs seem to have alleviated the problems I had


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I haven't heard of it, but I would assume that if it could cure cancer, we all would have heard of it by now. One of the pharmaceutical companies (or all of them) would have been vying for the rights to make and market the "cure".

Now, does that it mean it doesn't help? I don't know that. I am not a doctor nor a pharmacist. I would suggest doing a lot of research on the subject and remember to always be a bit skeptical about everything you read, regardless of what publication it is listed in.

Best of luck to you and your father.


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Not to cast any ill feelings over your post or concerns. I can truly understand why you are investigating.

But I did as you said and did a Google search on Cannabis / Hemp Oil Cures Cancer

The first two pages that came up were primarily marijuana advocate websites. There was not one medical organization, nor website depicting a legitimate documentary theme.

I'm not saying there isn't some study or research going on. I'm also aware of the typical medical uses for pharmaceutical (or not) grade marijuana concerning glaucoma, pain relief, etc...

I just would be very cautious with something as serious as cancer treatment and unconventional treatments....But that's just me...

I know you are just fact finding and asking questions, so please don't feel that I'm chastizing you for that and please continue to ask questions and post.


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I have heard of the hemp oil treatment but don’t know anyone who has used just it to cure cancer. Hemp oil does have some benefits to help the body like a lot of other things on the market today, remember everyone is trying to make money from people with cancer. I would suggest if you want to use hemp oil do it only after your Dad has finished all his treatment and gets a clean from his doctor. Like I said it does have some benefits in helping the body.

All the best to you both

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But ive only seen that type of claim on pro-cannabis sites as well. I don't buy it.

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Hi Victoria, I would like more specific information about the documentaries about the benefits also if you have done research on the web maybe post a couple of websites. I know marijuana does stimulate appetite and helps with nausea. I smoked it when I was younger for recreation and continued to smoke it later for relaxation. Willy Nelson told Larry King he vaporizes it to avoid smoking. I don't think anyone has ever overdosed on marijuana and it has been around since the beginning of time. Marijuana is legal with prescription in California and Colorado and some cancer patients have used it for nausea and appetite. I don't know anything about hemp oil but it comes from the same herb. I doubt your dad would smoke it but he might vaporize it and it also comes in pill form called marinol. I hope your dad gets to feeling better, my wife uses Zophran for nausea and it works well. When you mention a cure for cancer it causes a lot of skepticism because the cure for your dad hopefully will be radiation & chemotherapy. If your dad wanted to try marijuana to cope with the side effects of treatment I don't think anyone here would knock it as long as he continues conventional treatment. Any snake oil cures are dangerous because they may mislead someone to go down the wrong path of treatment. I know you are just trying to help your dad get better so their is no damage done researching anything. Good Luck, Homer

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The argument begins with does smoking it cause lung cancer and that link hasn't been made yet. The link has been well documented for cigarette smoking. From here you naturally have to ask why smoking pot hasn't been linked to lung cancer? There are of course multiple variables. Then the reasonnning started looking for, "Are there any chemicals in pot, over 467 ??????? different than cigarette smoke. Those tests would probably take an eternity. It's documented that marijuana has a place in cancer side effect treatment but the jury is still out on its curing qualities. Not smoked, in pill or vapor form it can't do much harm.

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I was given prescription marijuana in a pump container during my treatment. Tried it a couple of times & it burned my mouth both times. Plus tasted like evergreen lol!
I still have a full container & it wasn't cheap lol but I don't think it is legal to pass it along lol. In the trash it go's! Just a warning!

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I remember looking in the toitet ane day and there were three of my $35 per pills floating in the water. My X-ray technician recommended I puff a joint before taking the pills and see if that would help and I must say it did. It was strange that I was never did get "high" and it didn't increase my appetite at all. I never was in serious pain so I can't respond to that. Understand I am no spring chicken and had retired after 20 years in the military but I will say that even consernavtive, republican me thinks it should be allowed for thing like that.

Funniest moment I had was one day as I was hugging the toilet my 80 year old mother told me to "get in there and smoke one of those things".

Even funnier (not) was three years later explaining my "pot use" to an investigator working on my DoD security clearance. :>)

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To clarify, as of today 15 states (including CA and CO as mentioned by Homer) + DC have approved cannabis for medical use. More ballot issues appear regularly and other states are poised to join the list of the enlightened 15.

Cannabis need not be smoked to be an effective treatment for pain/nausea/anxiety. Some cancer patients like the instant effects of smoking or vaporizing and others, including those in treatment for H&Nc, prefer to swallow it in a small spoon of pudding or baked in a soft cookie. I understand it can be blended with a liquid for PEG use too.

I've read of cancer cure claims involving cannabis or its derivatives and don't believe them. But for cancer, MS and countless other ailments, cannabis can effectively treat nausea and stimulate appetite better than anything else with virtually no negative side effects.

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Lelia, I agree.

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I have done a little research on the topic myself. While I do not believe it to be a cure, it certainly helps with appetite, pain, and anxiety as mentioned above.

That being said, I have found numerous articles saying that smoking marijuana does in fact slow the growth of some tumors in the lungs. I was searching my AdCC when I found this. AdCC mets usually to the liver or lungs and if this has a remote chance of slowing the growth of said tumor, I have zero issue with someone prolonging their life, legal or not.

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I have used it for years as medicine--to sleep--eat--sex--you name it.I do not smoke it, its worse than smoking cigs.Here is the the cooking method--One half ounce to a full ounce of pot--grind it up in a blender untill it looks and feels like flour--take the ground up pot and put in skillet--turn stove on Low heat put two tablespoons of olive oil in skillet with pot and stir for one hour--open window and use fan to cut the smell down--mix pot with penut butter--cremy type--mix well I make mine quite strong whereas Half of a tespoon gives me a lot of relief plus I sleep ten hrs.and eat-eat and eat. Went from 118 to 124 in two weeks--I have ter. cancer


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face book page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Cure-for-Cancer/186277288097668cure for cancer has all the info you need. heres a link...

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pubmed cannabinoids cancer. google that

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Welcome to CSN, I too believe that theres a lot of good in the use of marijuana with people who have cancer. I am having problems with fluid on the brain and my doctor would like to use some medical marijuana, but because it is not approved by the state of Texas and Louisiana, he can’t prescribe it for me. So we have to use a medicine that will cause more harm then good. It is just too bad that Marijuana comes with a stigma of being a drug of crime.

Take care

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Pam M
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Sometimes you gotta wonder, Hondo. Marijuana is the biggest cash crop in my state (Ky), and it is NOT approved for medical use here. Ky is one of the larger producers of marijuana in the US. I'm wondering how many other states that refuse to approve medical use are big ILLEGAL producers.

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You might not be aware that Kentucky was at one time the largest grower of hemp in the nation. Even though hemp was made illegal (one of the stupidest things America has done) in the '30's, it was needed to help win WWII. See "Hemp for Victory", a film produced by the USDA.
Hemp has been mankinds best friend; few advances would have occurred without it. The entire shipping industry (think sails, rope, rigging, oakum, etc.) depended on a lot of hemp, 200 tons of processed hemp was needed per ship, more than the oak to build the ship itself. Americans are sorely lacking in their history knowledge, wich is a danger to the Republic.

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I have just ended up on this website looking for information on cannabis/hemp oil, my friend's mother has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour. I know it works for cancer, as my friend's father has cured himself of bone cancer by ingesting it, placebo effect is out of the question as he's very old and the family gave it to him without him knowing. The problem is when I tell my friend's mum she's going to think that I'm crazy, so I'm looking for medical studies on the subject. Cannabis Cancer Survivors have a Facebook page, they seem to be very up to date with the latest medical research on the subject. I have also watched the film with Rick Simpson where he explains how to extract the oil from the cannabis plant. I hope this helps.

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Funny coincidence. :-)

I'm getting the medical marijuana card in CA, and wanted to see if anyone who's used it has tips on edibles vs. tinctures vs. vaporized concentrates. I'm using it primarily as a weapon against nausea.


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i know you posted this a while ago but it seems some substantial research has been done sice that time. i was wondering if your father ever did end up using the oil and what the effects were

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There have been studies and if you google "can marijuana cure cancer" there are lots of articles.  Recently there is a doctor in California that did a study with Cannabanoids....which come from the cannibus plant.. she put it on a child's passifyer, the child sucked on it everyday and after about 8 month the brain tumor went away.  I saw the CT skans online so google and you will find the pictures.  I think she is doing clinical trials now.  In the plant there are cannabanoids and they have reduced the size of tumors.  There are labs in the UK doing studies also. 



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its so funny i was googlng thc for a cure for metastis cancer.. and google brought me back to my H&NC friends  Smile

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 take the pill form of THC, one at night and one in the morning and I am able to eat, always wake up hungry. As far as curing cancer with it or any other opium based product, is pure garbage. I think you would stand a better chance of curing some cancers by drinking water that is high in ph content. I have been drinking high ph water now for about a month and I have had zero joint pain or swelling from arthritus. Get rid of the sugar in your diet, cancer thrives on sugar, pet scans prove this. Removed the acid base that the cells thrive in and go a little more alkaline. You check products like essentia water it has a ph of 9.5. You can also buy filtered pitchers that you put tap water in and it will filter out all the garbage that your body does not need and can get the ph up to nearly 10. Pitchers can be had for about $50.00.  Try it, you may be in for a nice suprise.

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Just wanted to share with you that cannabis DOES cure cancer, diabeties, leukimia, and SO many other things. If you Google "Endocannabinoid system" you can lean how cannabis CAN and DOES work in our bodies to accomplish this. Google "Run from the cure" a documentary, watch it and begin the research yourself. There is a website : www.phoenixtears.ca  this site has testimonials, videos, and a general good place to start. I assure you that there are VAST amounts of research (scientific) to back up this claim.

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 take the pill form of THC, one at night and one in the morning and I am able to eat, always wake up hungry. As far as curing cancer with it or any other opium based product, is pure garbage. I think you would stand a better chance of curing some cancers by drinking water that is high in ph content. I have been drinking high ph water now for about a month and I have had zero joint pain or swelling from arthritus. Get rid of the sugar in your diet, cancer thrives on sugar, pet scans prove this. Removed the acid base that the cells thrive in and go a little more alkaline. You check products like essentia water it has a ph of 9.5. You can also buy filtered pitchers that you put tap water in and it will filter out all the garbage that your body does not need and can get the ph up to nearly 10. Pitchers can be had for about $50.00.  Try it, you may be in for a nice suprise.

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My brother in-law was diagnosed 4 years ago with cancer. Leukemia. It was a very aggressive cancer. He made it 1 year. Even with a bone marrow transplant. In the end he died a painful horrible death. The chemo and radiation really took its toll. Side effects were many and pain relief just did not work for him. He did not choose cannabis as a treatment. I really wish he had. There is so much information about how cannabis has helped so many patients with side effects, pain etc. The more I read on the subject the more I believe that hemp-oil can work as an effective treatment for most cancers. I even feel hemp tinctures can work as a preventative cancer treatment. 

Cannabis is a plant. Pharma cannot patent a plant. Though everyone including the United States Department of Health over the past 10 years, have filed patent, for process of cannabis. The patent descriptions clearly state that cannabis does have medicinal purpose. I do not like to say things are a conspiracy based on the lack of research that has been devoted to cannabis. I will call it what it is, a bad business model. Cannabis cannot be patented but alternative cancer treatments can. Cannabis is not a high profit item.

Next is the negative stigma that goes along with cannabis. Or called by another name, hemp or marijuana is a federally controlled substance which carries jail time if successfully convicted of possession. Many people sick or not will just not go there. So after many years of research on the subject of cannabis I would like to share this link so that you may make an informed decision as to including hemp-oil as a treatment. Depending on your doctor you are going to get different opinions about hemp-oil. I am long term friends with many doctors from my club and when I inquired about their opinion the bottom line was this. Cannabis shows great promise and would not conflict with current cancer treatments, so why not?

So here is the best information I have found that can start you off looking at cannabis as a treatment. I hope you will take the time to watch it.


If anyone would like to discuss this further, If I can be of service. Please contact me. I will help in any way I can. 

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My father had been diagnosed with stage IV color cancer 4 years ago. Chemo and radiation have prolonged his life but the cancer has metastized to the liver. Further treatment has left him weak and depressed and still not cancer free. We heard about cannabis oil but we live in NY. It is impossible to get. Can you help?

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sorry to hear about your father , i watched a documentry about hemp oil and found it very interesting , if you have access to the internet if you go on you tube and type in "run from the cure " i cant remember the mans first name but his surname was simpson you will be able to get a lot of information on the question involved , i wish you and your father all the best x

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Newbie here,cancer suvivor,you mention'd about cannibis. med bud is all i came thru with,no PILLS.09 I was 150lbs,6months i drop'd to 100lbs.had cancer of the voice box.No voice,to speak is only a whisper.60 yrs of age.I went thru radiation treatment 7wks.Happy to be here.Couple check ups ayear. The doctor says nothing there.A little prayer now and then too.Well back to the meds,cannibis oil is  pretty well all i use no for appetite, sleep and nausesia.dry mouth as well.I will be happy to chat with any other survivors

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Welcome to CSN \ H&N glad to have you here with us, please stay and get to know everyone.

All the best


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george, i also had cancer of the voice box, 8/09.  had 35 rad tx.  then in 2/12, it recurred.  i had two neck disections and a total laryngectomy.  been cancer free since the surgery.  that makes me a survivor too!! 


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HI Victoria,

My dad also has neuroendocrine tumor in his lung and liver, he is having severe side effects from the treatment. I am also looking into the cannibis oil for him to try to help with his strength and appetite. It is legal here in Colorado but me being in the criminal justice field it is frowned upon. I was wondering if you anyone has had good luck with using this oil for cancer? I am beside myself right now watching my dad so fraigle and frail. Anyone?????


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I was trilled to see all the posts on this topic. Then I realized only two are new. There is no proven clinical studies published and vetted in any peer review showing any of the cannibnoids cure cancer. At best, it can relieve pain, help sleeping, increase appetite. All good things but not cure for cancer.

There are several delivery methods. You can smoke or eat it. There are concentrates that you can smoke. Concentrates can be in the form of a hash which concentrates the active ingredient into a compressed solid. Hash oils are further concentrated through various extraction methods. You can also ingest concentrates in the form of pills and tinctures. 

The most convenient way to get it in your system is to take the gel caps. No taste no hard pill etc. Do remember ingesting it takes far longer to get going. Depending on when you ate and such it can take a couple hours to kick in and the effects will also last much longer than if inhaled.

Since you live in Co, head over to a dispensary and get have a look. They can explain in more detail and show the various products.

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Well Victoria you certainly stirred up a can of worms. IVe read all the posts with great interest some for some against, I guess you never know until you've tried it. I should imagine it would help you get through this dreadful disease by giving you the 'good feeling' and taking away the worry for a short time. I'm still weak and no energy if it would make me buck up and walk five miles I'd love some. Trouble Is it's illegal here in UK they are right old spoil sports. I laugh when I think about the time I grew a cannabis plant in my flower pot in the garden. This magnificent plant appeared and grew and grew it's lovely green fingered leaves made a lovely backdrop to my colourful flowers. One day a visitor said "you should be careful growing that plant you will get into trouble if caught" I said what plant, he said the canibis  plant In the yard. I didn't know what it was but I liked it so much I left it to grow. Then it started making furry ball type of flowers and the leaves started to droop. I thought I can't put this in the compost heap it may spread all over the garden, I can't burn it the neighbours would get 'high' so in the end I put it in the bin so the bin men could take it away, it was a fair size filled half the bin. I'd even taken photos with me beside it. A pity it didn't grow this year now I have all the side affects of radiation treatment. I haven't ever taken or smoked illegal drugs in my life but I,m not against doing it for medicinal purposes.

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