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LGL Leukemia symptoms

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I was diagnosised with LGL leukemia last January. I'm a 57 y/o male. Recently, I've also been diagnosised with a heart arrythmia. For the last three years I have suffered from fatigue and cognitive problems. They are getting progressively worse. My primary care doctor and cardiologist think these problems are caused by something else. (i.e.: it's all in my head). I would appreciate it if someone would share their experiences with fatigue and confusion. Thank you.

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I was just diagnosed with T-cell LGL Leukemia April 25 2011 and have been complaining of fatigue for about 3 years now. 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic benign neutropenia, and my doctors say these issues have nothing to do with fatigue. Everything I have been reading from other peoples postings, most have fatigue. I am leaning towards believing others who have this disease than a doctor who doesn't. My personal opinion is it is all related.

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My mom was just diagnosed with LGL yesterday and her Oncologist said the "B symptoms" of LGL are fatigue, fevers, night sweats and weight loss. I would get a second opinion if I were you...

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My husband recently got diagnosed with lgl leukemia / red cell anemia they werent sure what to call it he had started with Headaches and every other month getting sick, and sometimes feel really sore all over his body .. this is recently with the headaches getting worse and looking really pale almost green/yellowish jundice looking ... but about 6 years ago he got phoenomonia and doctors didnt do no test further then what they said he had at the time he had a very low white blood cell count so low they said it was from the phoenomnia so they kept him for a week... now looking back after the shot to prevent another episode and white blood count so low and repeated respitory infections and always in the winter being sick for 3-4 days the dr that diagnosed the lgl is saying that is probably why he got the phoenomia he must of already had it but now getting worse ohh and also lately the shortness of breath... lack of enough oxygen in the blood (thats what dr said) but once he got 2 pints of blood his energy came back but still no treatment i am wondering if he needs a second opinion.

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Diagnosed January 30, 2013 3 months and 2 weeks later... well he is still sometimes finding himself really tired at times and also still working and for the first 2 months every other two weeks getting 2 pints of blood and taking 9 methotrexate pills ones a week...along with folic acid pill with vitamins and baby asprin ... and after 9 fridays of 9 pills we saw a change in enemia it went from the occasional 5.6-7.9 to a wooping 9.8 with no blood provided in the last 3 weeks which seems to show that there is improvement without the blood :) which is wonderful! is there anyone else seeing improvement along with this medicine? 

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