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20 year old 3 people caregiver

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Im 20 years old..in one year my life changed big time. Let me just do a drop down time line of everything i've gone through

June 10, 2010..Mom is diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer that spread to her liver and both lungs

October 27th, 2010...Father has a massive heart attack..Heart is in shock, had only 15 minutes and would of been dead. In intensive care for 15 days connected to tubes. Immediate surgery for the heart. Arteries blocked 99.9 percent. Told every day in intensive care, they were preparing the nurses at the hospital not to get attached to my father because they felt he was going to die.

December 18th.. Aunt is diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer

Feburary 8th 2011.. Dad survives heart attack but now is diagnosed with stage 4 Kidney cancer after having over 5 pints of fluid crushing his left lung..

April 27th
Aunt is almost NED tumors are shrinking
Dad is healthy eating correctly and going on chemo shortly has to wait for kidney surgery to heal
Mom has some growh just slight growth in liver tumors but new chemo and her lungs are stable the one prime tumor is now where to be found...

I've gone through college this whole time, work .....
Im 20 years old.........So anything is possible. Cancer is a Hard but im going to make sure my family gives it a fight it will never forget......... : )
To all the caregivers be strong....... we can do it! Believe me its hard but we will find a way

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I know this must be all so hard for you, especially being so young. But have faith that you will be able to handle all of this. If you need to vent, chat or ramble we are all here for you.


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Its slowly creeping up to me the stress. I kind of feel alone...my friends don't understand.


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luz del lago
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Time to take CARE of yourself! You have been there for them all, now it's time to be there for you.

You have been loving and caring, and I pray that they remain doing well or stable.

We've discussed here that if someone hasn't been through this, there is no way that they can understand.

Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts,


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