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Well, the doctor did not tell me, he told my husband. We went Friday for his 3rd weekd of rads and he came out and said the doc said he was doing goog with all the side effects but not sure the treatment is doing exactly what they planned. Of course, I question him and he side steps and changes the subject. I know he is protecting me from worrying to much. But, I need to know everything. He has chemo on Monday and I am taking off 1/2 the day to be with him. Kast session out him in the hospital with kidney problems. Then again it may be too early to tell. I guess worse case scenario would be a neck dissection clean up to remove remaining cancer cells.

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I don't know how the doc can tell after only 3 weeks of rads that the treatment is not going as planned. Isn't a post treatment PET scan used to gauge whether the treatment has been effective? Just a thought. Karen

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I was thinking the same thing. How long after treatment do they do the post pet scans?

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Unfortunately, the PET Scan schedule varies from what I have seen on this board alone. Some Doctors have ordered PET Scans as soon as 6 weeks out of treatment and then state that there seems to be bright spots of concern to later find out that they were a false positive from the first test when they do another test later on.

Some Doctors order the test about 3 months out and still get a false positive. I was fortunate to have a good Surgeon and Oncologist that waited until I was out 6 months before the PET Scan and it was clear. Now, I did have a CAT Scan done roughly 3 months out of treatment to get an early idea how I was doing. That too was clear and a early indicator.

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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my treatments ended July 3, and my PET scan isn't until Sept. 24.

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Mine is on the 24th also! Not sure about you but I'm a little anxious as I have this weird cough thing going on

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I remember when I was about 3 or so weeks into rads and it was one of my weekly visits with the dr and I asked him if treatment was working. He said to me, "that is certainly our goal however it is far too early for us to know" he said it wouldn't be until 3 months after treatment that I'd have my PET to determine that.
I just wonder what if anything, the dr meant when he told your husband that?

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Hey there !
Your hubby seems to be a caring one ....but then again he has to share with you. If he thinks leaving you in the dark on some of these issues is protecting you...hmmm. You need to reassure him that you can handle it and want to be in the picture with him. I wish you both the best ! Katie

Barbara B
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I think you may want to press the doctor for a more definitive answer. As a caregiver I worried more when I didn't know what was going on. How does he know what treatmet is doing or not doing so early?

Pet scheduling depends on your doctor. Our onc wanted an early test the ENT told us to wait. We compromised and my husband had his first PET 9 weeks post treatment which was not entirely clear. There were some "hints" of hot spots. Six months later, all clear.

Ask questions and don't stop until you are satisfied with the information. Barbara

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