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Reclast IV for osteo porosis

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has anyone used this Reclast IV for osteoporosis??? I am 20 months post tx for anal cancer. my osteopor. has gotten worse in spine ( all the radiation ) . i am afraid of the side effects---pain being one of them BUT I do not want to bend over as i get older or break anything. my mom had osteopor. and broke hip, knee, elbow. it was horrific. i was on fosomax and evista for about 6 years prior to tx. my doc says can not do Forteo---causes bone cancer in people who have had radiation tx. this seems to be the only alternative. I am seeing bone disease speacialist at MD Anderson. sephie

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Hi Sephie--

I saw an endocrinologist a couple years ago who wanted me to do the Reclast. I about freaked when I found out the once a year IV costs $1000 (probably more now). So I read up on the side effects and decided it wasn't for me. I have some osteoporosis and osteopenia, but seem to be holding my own against further deterioration by exercising, upping my calcium intake from foods, taking calcium/magnesium supplements, and a drug called Fosteum. My last bone density test showed slight improvement over the one two years ago. The thing I feared most about the side effects of the Reclast was that after a period of time, it can actually increase the likelihood of bone fractures. I'm sticking to my current program.

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I used to work out avidly before all of this. I have tried to fast walk again but pain in left hip horrible after. i am limited in what wt. bearing exercise i can do due to knee problems . i take plenty of ca plus d but it is not working. vit d level is great. i am afraid of Reclast also but have a tough decision. do not know which way to go. i am talking to other dr. friends and many have no answer. oh well. might try it one time. i just do not know. thx for your help. the cost of my fosomax before they got a generic was almost $100 per month. it is riciculous. sephie

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I am on Boniva which is once a month and it is $100 a pill too. Luckily my doc gave me samples to get through this first year and he said we will worry about getting more when I get close to running out. My insurance does not cover it. All these medications are ridiculous.


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