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sue i took your advice it was so hard to fix somthing in the morning,but i made myself to make my protien shake, that i try to drink at least one a day. it helped some but it still took three hours before i could take a shower i also had some orange juice picked up for me mabey if i can get a little down it will help. i guess i will be having a colonoscopy soon, my bm is always a dark black.lovve and best wishes with your rmaintance. denise

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Thats a good start Denise..I'm proud of you! Just take baby steps and with each small step you will hopefully see a change for the better. Yes...black stools all of the time does not sound good. Glad to hear your getting the colonoscopy done...pain in the A$$(literally), but better to be safe than sorry! Orange juice is good for you...so drink it down. Hang in there..
Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Where I get my treatments they have a pharmacy that has Ensure. I only pay $7 for a case.It is offered to all the cancer pts at this price. It has all the nutrients needed. See if your Center offers this. John(FNHL-1-4A-5-10)

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Hope they can get to the source of the problem.Iron pills can cause black stools.Never had any problems with eating through treatment.Take care and keep us posted.Michele Dx95FNHL3