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Stage 4 Stomach Cancer - Microscopic penetration in pancreas

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Dear CSN members,

My Father was suffering from duodonal ulcer which has blocked the duodonel. Hence he underwent stomach-intestine bypass surgery on 22 Feb 2011. Durng the surgery doctors suspected a part of stomach as malignant. Hence they picked up a piece from there and sent it for biopsy. Unfortunately the biopsy report came out to be positive stating adeno carcinoma.
My Dad again underwent another surgery for the same from the onto surgeon on 22 March 2011.
Before this surgery we have performed abdomen MRI and Chest CT Scan which says liver, lungs kidney etc are all fine.
During this surgery [22 March 2011] doctors has performed partial gastrectomy as well as removed all the lymph nodes of the region and sent it biopsy.
This biosys report says T4 and out of 20 lymph nodes 5 are infective so it is T4N2 which is as per pathology Stage 4. At the end of report it has been mentioned as Microscopic extent of tumour - Tumour penetrates to surface of visceral perituneum (serosa) and directly invades adjacent structures- part of pancreas seen in sections.
Obviously chemotherapy will start in due course of time[After 4 weeks of surgery].
Can anyone please let me know about the life apan ? Also anything he should take as part of diet which can prevent or stop the spread of cancer.
Is any cure anywhere available ?
Please assist me as soon as possible.
Amit Saxena

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Dear Amit,there is a reversal of roles here.I am a mother who has struggled to come to terms with my son's stomach cancer.We try not to talk of cure or lifespan but now of response to chemotherapy and quality of life.My son was underwent total gastrectomy in Tata Hospital Mumbai in Oct09 and has returned home today after a week's holiday with sisters and cousins in Thailand!
There are a few rules about diet you must have been told
:small very frequent meals.Practically it means each meal has to be eaten in two or three parts
:avoid sweets,processed foods
:Have calorie dense foods eg nuts,butter ,ghee
:with afew months'experience your father will understand what does not suit him at all.He will pass stools frequently.
Do let me know if I can be of help.
Good wishes

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Thanks for the response. As you know my father's stage is 4 i.e. T4N2M0. Also the relevant surgeries are also done. Now I met some couple of Oncologist to seek the best advice and to my wonder, I got variety of opinions. After looking at the reports, some says go for ECF, some says use EOF, some says use Docetaxel where as some says go for chemoRadiotheraphy. I wanted to know which one would be best. Chemotheraphy or ChemoRadiotheraphy ? If only chemotheraphy then which drugs to be used which are best effective as chemo itself is a combination of 3-4 drugs. Also, during or before chemotheraphy what diet we should give which can minimize the side effects of chemotheraphy.
I am totally shattered after hearing that my dad got such a painful disease. I just to give the best available treatment in order to cure him from this disease.

Waiting for an earliest response.
Amit Saxena.

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Hello Amit,you are right.it is confusing.The Indian Council of Medical Research has recently come out with new guidelines for treatment of gastric cancer otherwise its the American NCCN protocols that are followed.Where is your father undergoing treatment? .Many oncologists don't advise radiation because of the side-effects during and after.ECF is the regime my son took pre-surgery and doxetaxel was added after surgery.The toxicity of one of the drugs on the heart muscle may limit its use in older patients.Please go to your doctor with all the doubts you have(in writing so you miss nothing) and don't leave him till they are cleared.If possible see that the chemotherapy is given in a specialised centre where doctors and the nursing staff are well trained.That helps a great deal.I don't know if any of this is of help to you.All the same,good luck and keep heart.you are young and your parents need you to be strong.
Nisha Munshi

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