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Question on Chemo with blood clots plus info on clots

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Hi everyone,

I haven't been on here for about a week. I got thrown into a project which has required me to be away from home for most of this week, and I am exhausted from it.

Anyhow, I developed blood clots from Avastin, so I am on a 2 week break from Folfox chemo. My question is that I will resume chemo starting this Sunday, but even though I have been taking daily shots of Lovenox to dissolve the blood clots, I can still feel and see the clots (I can see the veins that rose to the surface of my skin on my neck and port area, when the clots developed). Everday I do feel better, but I am wondering if others continued to take chemo (they are dropping the Avastin) even before all the clots had completely vanished, and while I am still on the Lovenox? Did you have any worse side effects from it? Will they still flush my port with blood thinners, or should they not do it?

Something interesting that I want to share is, that I noticed after 2 or 3 chemo treatments, that I began to see small dark purple veins appear underneath my fingernails. I was embarrased, because I didn't want people to think my nails were dirty. I thought it was another chemo side effect. Well I think it was a clue that I was developing the blood clots, because once I started on the Lovenox to dissolve the clots, the veins started to disappear. So, if you see veins underneath your nails, please be sure to mention it to your doctor.

Thanks for your help with my question.


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Blood Clots are a serious issue. It has put me in the hospital twice. Once on the Lovonox they should prescribe Cumendin and then watch your INR for going up and down.

They wil flush your port and should flush your port every time they use it! One flush with saline and the second with heperon. This is normal. I take the pump home and flush my port myself. It is no big deal. Flush the heperon very slowly, else it can sting.

Best Always, mike

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The lovenox does not "dissolve" your clots - it prevents new/more clots from forming. The site at which your clots developed is very active now - the lovenox prevents new clot formation there and elsewhere in your body. In the meantime your body re-absorbs the clots, which can take time (weeks to months).

I suspect that they will restart your chemo once your blood thinner is adjusted and has had time to stabilize your situation. They will likely change it over to coumadin depending on how long they plan to anti-coagulate you.


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Thanks Gracie, Mike and Kuastoi, for sharing some great and very useful info. I had the chest pains too Gracie, they started to go away after I started on the Lovenox.


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Hi Sandy,

I,too,had a blood clot during chemo. It was in my lung. I had just finished my 12th treatment of Folfox and Avastin and was to continue Avastin alone for 6 more months.

After the clot.....no more Avastin for me. I of course was disappointed because I wanted that extra insurance... but that was May of 2008... I am Stage 4 and currently NED.

I did Lovenox injections then 3 months of coumadin and no problems since:) hang in there.


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Gracie, I hope you do not need a stent or a pacemaker. I will be rooting for you! You are so sweet, your post made me cry tears of relief. It is hard for me to cry, so it is very cathartic when I do...so thank you for sharing your story with me.

Dawn, I am so happy that you are NED. It is very encouraging to hear your story, it gives myself and others hope for the future. Hope is what keeps me going these days!


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