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Parotid gland cancer survivors.

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I want to contact with somebody who survived the cancer of parotid gland.
Thank you for your replies.

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I was diagnosed with sequemous cell carcenoma of the parotid gland in April 2010. I have undergone 3 sets of chemotherapy and 33 days of radiation with targeted chemo every week during radiation. My last ct scan was in January and they could not find any cancer - I go for my second ct scan on May 17, 2011 and I am hoping for the same results. Although, I have had very good results, I will not begin to tell this was easy. I went neutropenic three times during my treatment and had to be hospitalized. My treatment was also affected by another medical problem I have, I have been HIV+ for fifteen years. The treatment drastically lowered my T-cell and my ability to fight off infection. The lingering phlygm is a problem. I am not eating enough to sustain my weight just yet and still have my g-tube which helps me take my HIV meds because they are so large to take by mouth, all on my HIV meds have been converted to liquid so I can take them by my g-tube for now.

I am very happy to be alive but it is a battle and you have to make your mind up that you are going to win.

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I had surgery for parotid gland cancer on Feb 5th 2010 in Baltimore Md I came back home to Pa and in March of 2010 I started 33 radiation treatments I was doing good till Feb 2011 when it came back It is in my shoulder Blade and lymph nodes in my arm and in my chest . I have had 16 radiation treatments and am now having Chemo treatments. But I will never give up on beating this thing called Cancer. I have to much to live for

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I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the right partotid in May of 2010. I had surgery on the 14th of May and they removed my right parotid and nine lymph nodes as well as the left half of my thyroid. The thyroid was benign. I then had 30 radiation treatments in July/August 2010. In November, a PET/CT showed me to be NED. Unfortunately, I detected a lump in my neck around Christmas and in January, I had it removed and it proved to be a recurrence of the original cancer. So, I am waiting for a MRI coming up in early April to see if there is any spread. This cancer damaged my right facial nerve and the right side of my face (and eyelid) has been paralyzed for about 9 months now. The docs say this is a rare and aggressive form of cancer but I am still determined to beat this thing. I wish you well on your journey. Has yours been determined to be cancer?


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,,Has your been determined to be cancer?''

Well, at least no, but I have a suspection. I have a tumor in the left parotid gland, first FNAB (biopsy) showed something strange: only red-blood cells and some group of normal parotid gland cells, so the diagnosis was: benign tumor. Anyway, my doc said its good to do another FNAB because the result of the previous is unexpected (by the way: have you heard that tumor is assembled mainly by the red-blood cells?).

I will have the second biopsy on 21th March, so we will see what lives inside me. Why do I suspect something bad? The tumor pains me and I read that it is not a good circumstance.

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double post

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I had an SCC tumor in the Left Parotid Gland. Dx August 2009. Had two nodes light up in the PET CT. I Had local surgery followed by IMRT (35 days) and Concurrent Erbitux (1 x a week for 7 weeks). The treatment was rough for me. Needed a PEG and was hospitalized for a about 1 month during and after but pulled through and now doing fantastic.

Some post effects - mainly dry mouth and food texture but can't complain. I have a full story posted on my 'Expressions' page if interested (Click on my name to the left and it will take to my CSN Homepage and click on the Expressions tab). I also applied the diet and supplements things once in recovery and believe that has helped me enormously.


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I had SSC stage IV tumor on my left salivary gland. Had it removed along with 23 lymph nodes. 35 rads but no chemo. I will 2 years out from treatment in a few weeks.

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