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Whole Brain Radiation - Melanoma - What To Expect?

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What else do you tell yourself when naked fear once again seeps inside your bones and curls around your heart to hang on for dear life, Cancer Sucks. Driving home Bob and I become lost in our own thoughts, each trying to catch our breath with the news given at his doctor’s appointment. I notice tears falling slowly against my husband’s cheek as he tries to compose himself, my heart is breaking. We are both in shock once more and losing control in our life has become familiar ground. Talk of summer vacation this week has slowly disappeared in the background as we come to grips as our reality swiftly changes not knowing what our future may bring us.

In only 30 days 2 new lesions have appeared near Bob’s left eye. The melanoma cells have traveled from the tumor bed site that he recently had surgery on in January and gamma knife in February. The cells left there and have traveled in the lining of his brain (meninges) and have settled around his left eye becoming large enough for the MRI to detect. The doctor has recommended Whole Brain Radiation, 5 minutes per day/15 days. It’s the only way to treat the whole lining of the brain and for any melanoma cells that could be located anywhere else in his brain.

Radiation kills the bad cells and good cells... some memory loss, loss of his white hair and it will make him tired. He will start by Thursday end of day. Bob is getting headaches more often now and has difficulty sometimes with speaking.

Please keep Bob close to your hearts in the following weeks.

Peace to all.

lovingwife to Bob, stage 4 melanoma

If you would like to contact Bob

If you would like to contact our family blog site:

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wow didnt know anyone else that was dealing with this. so my husband has melanoma in the brain also in front left lobe, nuero removed golf ball sized tumor and we on last day of 13 days of whole brain radiation. we had radiation burns that sucks and no sleeping.but hubby is taking walks now and that helps.the dr's have not found primary not that it matters now. next is chemo pills.hubby had many food issues things didnt taste or smell right.

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If you want a melanoma site go here for more information:

but you are certainly not alone in all of this!

They could not find my husband's primary either... my husband found his tumor by touch because it was large enough and growing in is upper leg/groin. He was staged at 3c last summer on Father's Day. The just before Christmas they found another tumor in his brain which staged him at 4. So he had surgery and the Gamma Knife in February. Another MRI should more growth of 2 lesions by his eye so he is starting WBR.

It is affecting his speech/thinking skills/seeing/translating info and he is getting bad headaches. Very scary for both of us, all this in only 8 months. My husband just had day 2 of treatment and he is still trying to work... we will see how long he lasts.

This is our family blog site if you would like to read:

Take care,
lovingwife to Bob, stage 4

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