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What does this mean?

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I am a 50 year old woman and premenapause. I recently found out I have a couple of cysts on my ovaries one being simple and one complex. I have had the CA-125 test and was told it was normal but dont have the actual numbers. I did receive a copy of the recent ultrasound and it is below, it honestly is greek to me and the fact I was not told about these cysts for a year from the doctors office I am slighly concerned. I am scheduled to have another ultrasound in August on the wait and see approach. Can someone tell me what the below means, it is the acutal ultrasound report I copied and pasted;

The uterus is of normal size and shape 9.4 X 5.5 X4.1 centimeters. No uterine masses are seen. Teh endometrium measures about 6 millimters thickness. There is a nabothlan cyst measuring about 1 centimeter in diameter. The left ovary is unremarkable except for a small follicle. The is redemonstration of a mildly lobulated right ovarian cyst. This measure 2.8 X 2.2 X 2.1 centimeters, which is not significatly changed from the prior study, This is redomstration of some solid appearing material in the dependent portion with posterior shadowing suggesting possible calcification. There is no free fluid.
IMPRESSION: Stable, somewhat complex, right ovarian cyst.

One other thing, I had in the past a cyrosurgery on my cervix for precancerous cells (about 20 years ago).

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what it means, but I had a ultra sound 5 months before I was diagnosed with stage IIIC ovarian cancer, the ultra sound did not pick it up. Have you considered a ct scan? That was how mine was discovered.
Good Luck and I hope it is nothing!

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I have had CT scans but that was on my liver, due to an abnormality, they found what they think is a hemangioma on the liver but never did anything on ovaries. Gyno does not seem to be concerned on any of this and just wants to wait and see for another six months. Thank you for your kind words and I hope the same. Good luck on yours and I hope all goes well with you.

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I am relatively new here & a health care provider but not a specialist in oncology or gynecology. Nevertheless, I understand the medical jargon and was diagnosed last year with ovarian cancer that started out as a cyst.

The good news about your ultrasound report is that your ovarian cyst is stable. The concern may be that the complex cyst is lobulated and complex--that means the cyst is "potentially cancerous" but probably not cancerous now. Cysts that are less than 5 cm tend not to be cancerous.

"No free fluid" is also good news. Ovarian cancer comes with ascites which is free fluid in the pelvis/abdomen.

The follicular cyst is common because you are still having periods--so that's no big deal. The Nabothian cyst is on the cervix and not associated with cancer.

I had a lobulated complex cyst that turned cancerous really FAST. Knowing what I now know, I would have insisted on having the cyst removed when it was not cancerous. See what your doctor has to say about having the cyst removed while it is small and non-cancerous.

Your CA-125 is in the normal range and that is good. There have been some women who had ovarian cancer who never showed a high CA-125. It would be great if better ways of screening for ovarian cancer were available. The pre-cancerous cervical problem is not related.

Hope that helps.

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sounds like a ovarian cyst only to me. You must keep an eye on this as this can be very painful. Good luck to you and I hope I am right lol..val

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I agree with poopergirl & LaundryQueen. And I am wondering why you were tested in the first place. Were you having pain?


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Actually this started back in 2009 and had to do with my gall bladder. I went to have an ultrasound for gall stones and they sent me to have a CT scan because my liver was abnormal. Had CT scan and was told everything was ok, no mention of cysts or liver problems. Had gall bladder removed thou. Well a year passed and I went into my doctor (who was new since old doc moved away, have cigna)for a regular check up and he brought up if anyone looked into my cyst (which back in 2009 there was one and it was simple) and also my liver since there were lesions on liver. I was shocked since no one told me about either. He scheduled another CT scan for the liver and ultrasound for the cyst. Came back as liver and spleen enlarged and I have what they believe is a hemangioma on the liver and then what I posted on the cyst. They sent me to gyno for the cyst and he ordered another ultrasound in Feb last month and that is what I posted. As to pain, I always get what I can describe as stabbing pains in the pelvic area, during intercourse can be painful too.

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I found this info at www.tealjournal.org:

Last March (2010), research undertaken at the University of Kentucky was presented at the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists’ Annual Meeting showing that transvaginal ultrasounds can reduce ovarian tumor surgeries. Researchers evaluated nearly 2000 women who had ovarian cysts found by transvaginal ultrasound. They found that an overwhelming majority of the cysts with septations (complex ovarian cysts that have both solid and liquid) were benign and that surgical removal is not always necessary.

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