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Friday Riddle

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Remember NO googling or searching the Internet allowed and good luck!!!!!!!!!

Daniel, my son, is exactly one fifth of my age. In 21 years time, I will be exactly twice his age. My wife is exactly seven times older than my daughter, Jessica. In 8 years time, my wife will be three times older then Jessica. How old are Daniel and Jessica now?

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Daniel is 7 & Jessica is 5.

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Daniel is 7.

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Daniel is 7 & Jessica is 4.

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This made me get a piece of paper. lol

5D = Me
2(D+21)= Me +21

7J = W
3(J+8) = W+8

Best Always, mike

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No Idea!!! My brain is gone! I can claim that it is due to the colonoscopy anesthseia from this morning, but my brain totally shuts down with anything math related unless it is a great discount while I am shopping!

Have Fun!


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I can't even remember if I am 47 or 48 LOL!

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I used trial and error!

Daniel is 7 so parent 35 now. 7 plus 21 equals 28. 28 times 2 equals 56. 35 plus 21 equals 56.
Jessica is 4 so parent 28 now. 4 plus 8 equals 12. 12 times 3 equals 36. 28 plus 8 equals 36.

My daughter the Math Major blew it using her formulas and I got the answer.
Never underestimate the power of a math idiot like me!!

Have Fun


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