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two renal masses in the same kidney?

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This network is such a great resource, I'm so glad to have stumbled in. I have been reading the posts and have not run across anyone with two tumors in one kidney. I am being scheduled for an open nephrectomy for my right kidney, which will be done immediately following a removal of my gallbladder. I haven't been dx with "cancer" but the doctor ordered an MRI after reviewing a CT scan and ultrasound so he could rule out abscesses or cysts. Besides having two tumors, each measure 3+cm, I am frightened that co-morbidities will complicate this surgery and I won't wake up, ever again. My most concerning thought is that my Multiple Sclerosis therapy has run my immune system down so far that I am doomed. Anyone here dealt with this, or know someone who has?

This group has been inspiring to read, and I send my best wishes for your success at recovery to best health and happiness.

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Two tumors in 1 kidney is a heck of a lot better than 1 tumor in each kidney. A 3cm tumor is relatively small as tumors go and even persons with a 6cm tumor are likely to have a full recovery after surgery. Do not get down if the biopsy confirms cancer as most of these tumors are cancer. Hopefully even with your minor complications you will have a full and complete recovery and be cancer free from the surgery alone. My surgery was 8 and 1/2 years ago and I am still giving ny wife aggrevation. A couple of weeks ago we both went tubing thru river rapids in Dominica at ages 67 and 66. So far I have not heard of anybody not waking up from a nepherectomy. This is a common operation that doctors have been doing for many years.

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You will wake up , your lowwered immune system might slow down how fast you recover but you will recover. My tumor was found on a ct/pet scan lokking for ovarian cancer after I just finished chemo so I was pretty wiped out from the surgery for the ovarian cancer and then the chemo but I am doing fine now just tired . Don't worry you will get thru this, good luck to you !

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I was terrified while waiting for surgery, and had the same thoughts.I didnt sleep for 3 days before surgery. i really wish i could tell you something that would make it better. Be at peace, and Pray. and trust you will be brought through this. Because you will. I am 7 months post surgery and I thank God everyday for the miracle my Drs did for me. i promise you that you will wake up.And I will pray for you and your DR.

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