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Another Milestone

Skiffin16's picture
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Joined: Sep 2009

Another milestone soon to be accomplished....

Spoke to my Chemo MD and ENT scoped me today also...

I got the official word; port is coming out in a week or two. I’m moving to four months between ENT visits, still six months between for my Chemo MD.

All blood-work is in normal ranges, TSH is still in the 5.6 range, but my T4 has stayed constant at .8 for the last year plus. GFR is 92, cholesterol is at 151, glucose 96, and everything is looking good.

My ENT cracked a joke today...he said "well, once in a while I get lucky"...I told him I'm a fisherman, I'll take lucky any day.

Thank you all for the support you give me and Shelley.

The relationships I have with all of you and several more of you on an even more personal level is huge.

Thoughts and Prayers to all of you and your family.

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Posts: 1161
Joined: Aug 2010

Hi John,
All I can say is Wonderful..Wonderful..Wonderful..
Peaceful healing

Jimbo55's picture
Posts: 573
Joined: Jun 2010

Wow, that is just such good news to hear John. Superb!! Cheers


charles55's picture
Posts: 87
Joined: Aug 2010

Doesn't it feel good to win? Great news, John. You are making everyday better than the one before.

JUDYV5's picture
Posts: 392
Joined: Jun 2010

What great news. It is wonderful to start the day out with a smile.

Posts: 665
Joined: Apr 2010

Congratulation's on your wonderfull new's! I am celebrating with my moning coffee! Also thank you for all that you do to help us on CSN! You truly are great people!

Skiffin16's picture
Posts: 8208
Joined: Sep 2009

I'm sharing a cup of Joe with you at this very moment Roz...


fisrpotpe's picture
Posts: 1345
Joined: Aug 2010

Congrats John! I second all that rozaroo shared. Think of how many posts you will have in the years to come with a rate of 2 per day.

Pumakitty's picture
Posts: 652
Joined: Mar 2010

Reading this made my morning better. I am so happy for you. Thank you for everything you have done for all of us on this board.


honeybelle22's picture
Posts: 70
Joined: Feb 2011

HI I just had to tell you I think your kitty is the cutest...as you might have guessed I have kittys....and this my first post here. Just joined ...why..because I just got my first computer. I am going to write a longer post to tell my story too. And hope to learn so much more and maybe help others too.
I haven't learnt how to upload pictures yet. But, I want to a pic of my 2 kittys.


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Glenna M
Posts: 1579
Joined: May 2009

So happy for you and Shelley, this news must be such a relief to both of you!!

Now it's time to try your luck at fishing :)

Stay well,

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Posts: 90
Joined: Aug 2010

Great news! Keep up the good work!


Hondo's picture
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Joined: Apr 2009

Now that makes my day brother, no matter what happens today I will be able to keep a Happy Face just so glad to hear that all is well. We need to do something about that Cholesterol, my doc wants mine under 100 but that may be do to the P/B problems I have from the Rad treatment.

Take Care

Skiffin16's picture
Posts: 8208
Joined: Sep 2009

Tim, actually that's good (or not bad) for Total Cholesterol, desired range is less than 199.

Considering how much I love bacon, milk and butter, I'm lucky as for that.

Fishing is definitely on the agenda for this week-end...BASS are biting very good, and the knee is in good shape again.

Post count, LOL....HONDO has me beat by far, and Dawn is catching up fast...LOL.


BrianKrashpad's picture
Posts: 188
Joined: Jan 2011

Sometimes "It's better to be lucky than good!" ;)

Take it any way you can get it.

Be well!

D Lewis's picture
D Lewis
Posts: 1564
Joined: Jan 2010

Made my day! Thanks for sharing. Couldn't happen to a better guy.


buzz99's picture
Posts: 404
Joined: Sep 2010

Awesome news. Great to be putting all of this behind you. And no more port!

sweetblood22's picture
Posts: 3228
Joined: Jan 2010

Good news. That's awesome.

Posts: 49
Joined: Nov 2010

What a wonderful way to start the day......relax and enjoy...you both deserve it!

luv4lacrosse's picture
Posts: 1412
Joined: Jul 2010

John, really great news. I am happy for you and your family.

I have my first PET this coming Monday.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!


Skiffin16's picture
Posts: 8208
Joined: Sep 2009

Mike, not sure how long since you finished treatment. Just remember that sometimes the first can have some junk leftover from the rads. Hopefully yours won't, you are in the prayers brother.


Posts: 72
Joined: Nov 2010

Congrats on the good news!

adventurebob's picture
Posts: 691
Joined: Jun 2010

I love reading good news like this. Thanks for sharing. Happy fishing!


stevenl's picture
Posts: 587
Joined: Jan 2010

Hey John,

I was so glad to get rid of all of the c paraphanalia SP?. Hang in there and thank you for helping me so much and all that you contribute to this board.

All the best,

stevenl's picture
Posts: 587
Joined: Jan 2010

double post sorry

Posts: 267
Joined: Oct 2010

Congratulations, John. After a busy, hectic, and still worrisome day, I am very happy to read a great story like this. What a great 'feel good' story. I wish you many, many years of happiness.


Kent Cass's picture
Kent Cass
Posts: 1760
Joined: Nov 2009

Great to hear of this definite milestone. Awesome.

And I want to thank you again for the Google map. Was an incredibly good idea all in our family get a kick out of in the most positive way. Thank you.


Skiffin16's picture
Posts: 8208
Joined: Sep 2009

I need to start that thread again and get a lot of the newer members added, it's been awhile since I added anyone.


sweetblood22's picture
Posts: 3228
Joined: Jan 2010

Good idear. (said in NY accent). Get on the stick. Chop chop. :)

Posts: 829
Joined: Aug 2010

I feel so happy when I read something good about one of you who is suffering from this terrible disease.So glad that things are looking up for you. Hope every day brings you a miracle. Maybe soon you can be out in the boat fishing soon.
Please take care and keep fighting! Carole

Skiffin16's picture
Posts: 8208
Joined: Sep 2009

LOL, actually I have been fishing a lot this last year, nearly once a week-end anyways. During treatment I did get out a few times, mainly with a few very close friends. And a few times with my most close friend, my wife Shelley....she's the best ever.


Greg53's picture
Posts: 848
Joined: Apr 2010

Congrats John! Good to hear. And I'm sure Shelly is the best (and probably a better fisher-person too)

Keep your line tight!


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