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Two Biopsies in one day same breast - help!

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I am getting a stereotactic and core breast biopsy tomorrow. Which is worse? Any pain involved? I have a LOW tollerance for pain. My mom passed away of BC at the age of 55. I am 43 and scared to death of the biopsies

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I had both types and the stereotactic was less tolerable for me. I also had some bruising after this one. Be encouraged.

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Ask for something to nunb you. I had the core. It does not take very long to do. You may be a little sore after. I felt a lot of pressure, not so much pain, but everyone is different. Try and relax, I know easier said then done. Hugs

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I guess I'm wierd ,but I liked watching the core biopsy on the screen...I could see the needle going through the breast to the tumor and to me it's fascinating to watch...I don't remember feeling alot of pain...they numb you pretty good.

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They numbed me, so, I felt nothing. So, be sure and ask for that.

Good luck,


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When I had mine my imagination was allot worse then the biopsy was. They did numb me and I felt very little. It was allot worse in my head. I remember thinking it wasn't so bad. It don't take long and you need it. Try and relax and think of something else. You will be fine. Take care Kay

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It stung just a bit but for the most part, I was pretty numb as Dee said. I also watched it on the sonogram screen.

I'm sure they'll numb you so you won't feel pain.

Sending my prayers and Hugs,


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site, and supportive, loving WARRIORS - Sisters in Pink .. united by 1 bond .. Breast Cancer, and our fight to survive.

Yes, please have your general surgeon, or OBGYN sedate you, if possible. This is the first step to finding out .. what is going on internally with your breast. Next, take a deep breathe, find yourself a tape recorder and tablet of writing paper.

Just a suggestion that helped me .. Tape recorder is for you to take to every appointment -record the your doctor's conversation regarding your lumps, Cyst . .. what treatment plan may be suggested, and the tablet of paper is writing down all your thoughts, fears and questions.

Our support board here at ACS, is opened 24/7 .. with WARRIORS offering up 100 years of ac***ulative experience.

I wish the very best for you.

Strength and Courage,

Vicki Sam

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I was also numbed before the needle core biopsy, so, it was painless. And, I also watched it on the ultrasound monitor while the doctor did it, like Sylvia did.

Sue :)

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our group of pink sisters. I had a core biopsy done and I was numbed so I really didn't feel any pain only pressure. I think mine took a little longer than it should have because they were having a hard time locating the tumor. I did not watch as I do not like needles but after it was done they did show me what they had removed.


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pills to make me LOOOOPY as they could make me..I DID not think at the time the pills were working..but days later-I realized I don't remember much of day (misc times and events)hehe...

good luck..hope all goes well

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As others have said ... we are glad you "found us." While VickiSam said we have over 100 years of combined experience ... I would say it is more like thousands of years. Very few of us have actually met others in person ... but yet we are a family ... and always ready with our "virtual hugs" to newcomers. Even though we hate to have new people join this family ... because the thing that draws us together is terrible ... Breast Cancer ... we are all here to offer our experiences, support and knowledge. NO question or comment is "off base" ... we're able to discuss absolutely anything. We are all at various stages of diagnosis, treatment and surviving ... so ... no matter what is on your mind ... there will no doubt be someone here who has "been there done that."

Please let us know how your biopsy goes. We hope it is nothing ... but if it is something ... we're here for you!


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How nice to know that other's are willing to lend an ear when needed. God bless you! It is like being able to talk to my mother, event though she is not here. I'll keep everyone posted. My 2 biopsies are at 2:30 est.

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When I was biopsied it was called a stereotactic core biopsy which was guided through a mammogram. My breast was compressed for what felt like forever but I don't remember any pain. They numbed the area and when the core needle took tissue it dispensed a numbing agent. I think that they took 8 samples--I pictured it like an apple corer with the center turning.
My breast turned an amazing shade of purple. My husband wanted to take pictures and I wouldn't let him--now I wish I had--LOL. Like any bruise, the purple faded to brown to yellow and by the time of the lumpectomy 2 weeks later, it was almost back to normal.
Good luck.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I only had a core biopsy...but I would think it's better to have both at once. Then you only have to deal with the pain once, and you get results back at the same time so it's less waiting. The docs and nurses will give you advice on managing the pain after the biopsy. My advice would be to follow it exactly. And be sure you know who to call if you have questions once you get home.

I hope everything goes smoothly, and I wish you peace and calm while waiting for results.



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I had the core needle biopsy...I was numbed before hand with lidocaine...it is over quickly..I had some discomfort but it was just so quick! I did develop a hematoma afterwards...keep the ice on as directed...
Best wishes,

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I had both types of biopsies and can't say there was any pain. I thought the stereotactic was the easiest for me. But the core was easy, too. They used a lot of lidocaine so there was not discomfort. Hang in there. You'll be fine. Hugs, Marilynn

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Should be fun....

P.S. The worring was worse than the procedures!

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LOL Ya thats what happens most of the time. The waiting is always the worst.

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both ultrasound guided and MRI guided.

They will numb you, but my advice is to take a tranquilizer as well if you have any...I took Xanax and actually fell asleep in the MRI machine while it was going on! And with the ultrasound I also found it was neat to see the needle going in and out...also helped by Xanax!

Afterwards, take Tylenol for any residual pain...mine was not too much though but I took Tylenol anyway.

Good luck with your procedures and wishing you good results!


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Glad they are over now. Wishing you good luck and sending prayers!


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I had both and to be honest, I didn't think they were any big deal (pain-wise.) As for the psychological effects, that was a whole new can of worms! Remember, everyone is different, so what affects me might not affect you.

Good Luck. I will be holding you in my thoughts and prayers.

"May you be at Peace; May you be free of Suffering."

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Let us know what your results are! Praying for you!


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Welcome!! So glad to hear they are done and you got through with little to no pain. Now when you get your results, please let us know, until then, your in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless,

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You got thru it! YEH! Now, sending prayers for good results!

Hugs, Debby

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One biopsy came back clear. One came back and I need to have a surgical biopsy (lumpectomy) on the other. MORE WAITING! They said it could be a Phyllodes tumor, but they are not sure yet. I am now in the process of getting a second opinion for both biopsies, and hope to have this surgery scheduled soon! The first surgeon that I talked to before the biopsies, was a general surgeon. I'd rather go to a breast surgeon to have the surgery.

The plot thickens because we are suppose to be going on a Caribbean vacation in 7 days. Not sure if I should wait to have the surgery until after vacation, or should I cancel the vacation. (We don't have trip insurance.) I am so confused!

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Hi, I was in your exact position just last summer. I was scheduled to go on vacation in a week, when my doctor found at my regular 6 month check ups another su****ious tumor. (I had already had 2 previous su****ious tumors removed, one being a phyllodes). I deciced to schedule my lumpectomy for 2 days after I returned from vacation. Turns out this tumor was indeed another phyllodes tumor (benign). It is really up to you whether you will be able to enjoy the vacation or be worried the entire time. My doctor told me that the week would not make much of any difference, but all doctors have different opinions. Best of luck!

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It was not bad at all they numb you up really good just one thing the core one has a loud snap like a pop gun just make sure they tell you when they are pulling the trigger it didn't hurt just the sound it made scared me I was not ready for it the second oneI knew it was coming so it wasn't scary it just made me jump a little..Good luck and it will be ok I am a big baby and If I can do it you can

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