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dental prosthetic or dentures and seasonal colds

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I have a dental prosthetic in the roof of my mouth called an obturator. it fills in a good sized hole and helps prevent fluids and food from going up into my sinuses. I have been dealing with a cold this past week where I have been having to do a lot of vomiting. I was just wondering, if you have something similar (or even a denture)...do you leave it in when you throw up, or do you take it out first? It has become embarrassing for me to run to the bathroom knowing I am going to be sick while trying to decide if I should just leave it in, or take it out.
any ideas, or thoughts would be much appreciated!

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Hi, I am only on my second obturator, and what is happening to you is my nightmare. If you are vomiting, it sounds like more that a cold! Maybe the flu or old food. I can only drink my meals. Do you have a skin graft also? If so, perhaps you need to make an appointment at the center where you had the obturator worked on.

I will pray for you


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Hi Elizabeth, I'm sorry to hear you have to have the device, and I hope the opening will be closed in the future. From what you say, it would seem you have no choice but to leave it in. Wouldn't taking it out allow stuff to be pushed into the sinus area? If it wouldn't then you could leave it in, otherwise you'll be force feeding bacteria into your sinuses.

You're always very helpful in your posts, and it always stinks to hear of people who have complications piled on complications. I live alone, so when I was throwing up regularly from chemo, I was able to keep a plastic pail under my coffee table in case the urge was too sudden. One of the perks of the single life.

I hope your flu/cold goess away soon.

best, Hal

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I will be seeing the prosthedontist next week to have him make an adjustment to my mouthpiece. It has been kind of weird with this cold...it has turned into an upper respiratory infection and a stomach bug almost at the same time. when I do eat, it doesn't stay down very long, even liquids. one problem I am having is that, since it presses on my soft palate, with it in I feel like I will throw up all the time, but with it out the throw up actually comes out. here lately, that means I am throwing up every time I take the piece out, which I have to do to clean it each time I eat. then I end up having to d an extra nasal rinse too. it feels like a nasty cycle.
I have been told that the hole is too large to close up, even with a skin graft, so I will have it for the rest of my life. I will be having a second surgery in a month or two to help readjust my sinus cavities. as my ENT says, they are a great big ol' mess! he said some of it was possibly from the tumor, but most of it was from genetics...I keep telling my parents that THIS surgery is their fault! :) I was told from the beginning that I would need to have it at some point...looks like it is time for it now. It should help get rid of some headaches and a ton of sinus pressure I have lived with for years, so that is the up side to having to need surgery again. that and there was no sign of regrowth! the little things keep me going these days!
Thanks for the idea about the bucket...I can do that, I just have to clean it before I put it back down...just in case the kids get into it! :)
Other than frequent colds, I have been healing better than expected, and until this last round of colds hit me, I had tons of energy...more than I had remembered having since I was in high school! I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like to go through this on your own.

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