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*** update from chemo doctor and ct scan ***

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tina dasilva
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Jorge's tumors has gotten smaller and the chemo doctor is happy but one they found was a blood clot where the port is . So now Jorge has to have needles everyday they called it blood thinners for as long as he has the port . So I guess some good news and some bad news . So thanks everyone for listening love you all . Tina

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I am so glad Jorge's tumours are smaller. I think a lot of people here are on or have been on the blood thinners. Have a good weekend; enjoy the shrinkage!

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Wonderful that they are shrinking!!!! Blood thinners are common.
Enjoy the incredible shrinking tumors.
Winter Marie

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tina dasilva
Posts: 640
Joined: Sep 2010

Anne and Winter Marie thank you so very much I will enjoy the good news hugs to you both Tina

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My Mom is currently on a pill (Coumadin) for her blood clot. She will need to be on it for a few more months. Her radiologist said blood clots were common.
Glad you got some good news though :)
Linda and Miss Ellie

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Congrats on t he shrinkage! Blood clots are really pretty common for us folks so don't worry too much about it. HUGS

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tumors shrinking are something to be very very excited about.....as for clots, well coumadin usually gets those taken care of....Sounds like a very good day to me...Love to you both, Buzz

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That's wonderful news abou the tumors! I'm sorry about the clot, but I'm sure they'll be able to handle that situation.

*hugs to you both*


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tina dasilva
Posts: 640
Joined: Sep 2010

lori,buzz and Gail thank you so much with your kind words hugs Tina

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Good news about the shrinkage Tina. Like others have said, blood thinners seem quite common. It is good that they caught it and are treating it.
Thinking of you. You are a great support to your hubby.


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tina dasilva
Posts: 640
Joined: Sep 2010

Thank you Kathleen so much .hope you and Dick are doing well .hugs Tina

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