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Can't a girl EVER catch a break?

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Just broke a tooth - a tooth with a crown on it, at that. No idea how much this will cost me, since it broke off BELOW the gum line. I called my dentist (don't you just love a dentist who gives out his cell phone number?) and he said he thinks it's a tooth that I had a root canal done on last year, and hopefully the root is dead. Hopefully.

I am not going to postpone my trip to NYC and the trial at MSKCC for a broken tooth. Thankfully it's not a front tooth!


hopeful girl 1
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No fun.
I had to have a root canal during my radiation portion of treatment. While on chemo my oncologist would not allow dental work. I had an infection too, so they kept me on antibiotics for about 7 weeks until the radiation and then let me have it taken care of.

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Ugh! So sorry, but thank goodness you had root canal, or you would be in serious pain from it! I hope it's not too bad. "Below the gum" does not sound comfortable. I wish I had my dentist's cell number. I once broke a tooth while eating popcorn at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Not only did I have to wait a day to get an appointment, but I also could not put a claim in for the year that had just finished, and for which I had already paid the deductible.

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things are certainly dicombulated for you all at once and hopefuly this is the end of it. Better days are coming soon....val

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Ummmmm Superglue?
Glad it's not bad enough to interrupt your trip. Hope the flights go out as scheduled for you.

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I must say you are handling it like a champ. I'm sure if the root were alive you sure would know it by now. Good luck.


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I feel like after having ovca, we should get a break. Last week I caught a cold and I joked, I had ovca, I have to get a cold now.


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"It is always somethin'!" I just had one of mine break too. I have been to the dentist more since my dx than ever. I don't know if it is the nature of getting older, or all the chemo I have had damaging the teeth. Hmmmmmm

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I think it's the nature of getting older. Everything creaks and cracks.

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