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Trip to NYC was a no go....rescheduled for Thursday

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Well, wouldn't it just figure....we arrived at the airport at 5AM for a 6:10 flight that was canceled, and instead of just telling us to go back home, they're all canceled, they just kept rolling us over to the "next flight". MSKCC had already advised me that I needed to be there by 5PM, films in hand, to get the CT scan read by their radiologist and begin the vaccine trial tomorrow, so once the deadline for arrival passed, we just went back home. First, though, we stopped by the hospital and picked up another copy of the CD with my films on it and overnighted it to MSKCC. The USPS guaranteed they would have it by noon tomorrow. I am hand-carrying the other copy when I go back on Thursday, just in case. Plus I will call tomorrow, to make sure they received the films and that the radiologist has them in his hot little hands.

Dr S has made an exception and instead of doing Wednesday treatments, he will allow me to fly up on Thurs and begin the trial on Friday. I am somewhat pleased, as I had asked in the beginning if Fridays were an option, and he told me "No." Normally, they only see Phase I patients on Wednesdays.

Also, Dr S assured me that as long as I can get to NYC before Feb 9th, I can still begin the study without the need for a new CT scan.

I am hoping the weather cooperates. We have ice here, and very cold temps. The weatherman says it's the worst weather in 15 years, with wind chill factors dipping below -10 degrees. Our city/county/state road crews do not have snow plows etc because we don't normally need them. Ice and/or snow just paralyzes us and everything shuts down, including the airport. Plus, it was bad on the other end, as well. I think everything flying into JFK and LGA was diverted - a worse scenario, to me, than not getting out at all.

I will keep everyone posted. In the meantime, I am staying in and keeping warm.


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Why do they have to do things like string you along like that?!! They must have known the NY airports were shut down for the day, as I heard about JFK the radio in NY before 9 AM, and LaG must have also closed.

You really have it so well organized. Obviously, MSK needs to hire about 60 of you to keep themselves in order!

Thank goodness Dr. S is letting you begin on Friday, so you can still participate in the trial. I don't know if I'll be able to meet you, though, since I work Saturday & Sunday, but I'm sure we can meet another time.

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Absolutely.....I will be making 5 or 6 more trips to NYC, at least. If they give me the shots on Fridays, I will probably fly in the day before, and leave the day after. Once the weather gets nicer, though, I want to hang around for a while and do the whole tourist thing. Plus my husband has a son in CT that we'd like to spend some time with, while we are in the neighborhood. So I am hoping to get a chance to meet several of my virtual sisters. That's one of the few GOOD things about this trial, so far.


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Sorry to hear you couldn't get to New York due to the weather. Hope Thursday will be dry and clear for you to make and start your clinical tria. Good luck and keep us posted...stay strong...val

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