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For what its worth, I didn't come here to learn how to pray or to exercise my rhetorical skills,

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I came here to learn how to live with cancer, how to live with a bag taught to me by people who were already doing so; to learn what doctors can't teach unless they've lived it; to acquire empirical not book knowledge;to overcome the fear and loneliness when initially diagnosed; to educate myself as to what my upcoming-at that time- Tx would entail and to start my postop FOLFOX as so many now are, with others here at the same time ; for the kind words of encouragement offered by my fellow sufferers....For these and other similar reasons i came and remain here......That's just me, tho.......steve

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What she said!!! Love ALL your input on this forum and love you too!!!


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I totally relate to all the reasons you came to the forum as they are the same for me. I am very tolerant of other people's needs and beliefs as I have many experiences with many politics and religions in my lifetime. I believe that whatever works for a person is good for them. But, my main reason to be here is to learn from those with more experience what I can expect and do about my cancer and to pay it forward by giving to those I can help.

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Glad you're here, Steve.


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almost the same reasons as you as well, except I would like to improve my english writing skills.

we all end up either high and low at different times of this struggle, and its a biggest struggle of our lives.

that we are all grappling with the same challenges together around this beautiful world in this amazing forum is life saving.

even my current love affair with vitamin d3 and the hope it brings, came from my readings on this forum.

Like you, I came and remain. On occasion , I pray or hug or love, thats just me



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Thanks Pete.. I'm new to this and even after all of our research, somehow I missed the vitamin info or forgot it. I'll be grabbing some tomorrow. :-) I'm learning all kinds of things about survival and attitude on this forum, and as I go along with treatment (portacath inserted yesterday followed by a PET scan) starting next week, hopefully I'll be able to add some insight that will do some good for someone else. I appreciate the time that everyone on this board puts into sharing this journey.


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it got real for me the day my portacath was installed back june2010

have look the other d3 post, it had some links about dosages.

share away mate and may your journey be first class.


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Well put.

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I was reading two books at the time of Dx: one on onset of World War I by Barbara Tuchman, the other " A Short History of Byzantium" (only 430 pages short)by Norwich.......Never finished the second one.....

As I've always believed knowledge is power (provided you know how to use it)and know your enemy like yourself (but don't let 'em know you),once Dxed it was natural for me to seek to learn as much as I can about CRC(even tho difficult at times to fully comprehend what I'm reading, having no scientific/medical background)....Whether anything I learn will help me (or anyone else) remains to be seen

The enormously complex nature of cancer, even just the CRC variety, is overwhelming.....There are so many different pathways (Notch,Wnt,UCHL1, among others), so many markers besides CEA (Seprase,OPN,anti-p53 are some),so many interesting yet conflicting theories, the strange names given to genes and proteins, all the scientific and medical terminology (try reading some of the medical stuff at 7thspace.com)........

I've amassed a collection of articles printed off the internet pertaining to cancer, with an emphasis, of course, on CRC.....I wish I could synthesize it all into a coherent whole but I can't .

I type with one finger from each hand but I can go pretty fast, tho it does take some time. Don't need to read my own musings (except to proofread) but do hope someone out there may get some benefit....My personal "favorite" approach to eradicating this monster is still nanotechnology, more of which I'm sure you'll hear of, if not experience, in the future.......

And to all a good day (in this snowy,icy,rainy,wintery Wednesday-Happy groundhog)

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You might want to check out/subscribe to www.nanowerk.com (no misspell here)

Also, most good med news-collection sites, like physorg.com ,have a nano section too....


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