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The world is a mystery

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Ok firstly I had got up 5.25am after three hours of sleep (don't sleep much these days). Saw the post about pray etc, and I logged on my laptop to reply. Press send and low and behold the inernet crashes on me. Divine intervention, just a glitch who knows the world is a mystery itself to even fathom why the internet crashed. Ok my question I ask so calmly am I still allowed to ask for prayers, good wishes etc when it comes to my scan days on this section?
am I still able to post when I'm feeling low? Like I have done in the past as some of you know what has happened to me. I'm really scared now to even post any such things at the moment. More importantly am I still allowed to still call you my second family?

To gabby and the new folk, been a member here since march 2009, seen this topic pop up several times before but to be honest not as bad as I have seen it this time. But we are like family we argue and bicker, may even leave but we still hang around even if we lurk. My point if you can please stay around you need this forum more then you know. But if you still decide to leave I understand.

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it is as it was before, just as it was before....Yes, every once in a while it kinda goes sideways, but only because some are not knowing of the things we have done in here to provide everyone places to openly speak of everything. Sometimes the word just doesn't get out there quick enough. But, myself if I want to ask for prayers it doesn't mean I am asking for them to be typed out in here, knowing that they will be sent to anyone that asks for them. But when new people arrive for them it may mean that people ask for them on the thread as a post. Thats where the issues are, not for praying for others, but simply doing it in here in a post. and "only" because these are some of the lines we walk to try and accomodate all...and only out of respect for the site manager Greta do we try and follow goodwill to all, but just sometimes its not explained quick enough to keep this from coming up every once in a while.

and Gabrielle, you Im sure will do as I did...come back in and see what has been written, understandably, its human nature, and all of us do it....so please try and understand that this has been an issue before and we got past it before, we will survive it this time as well. Bottom line is keeping peoples mind on happiness and excitement, so come on back in here, cause I know your watching.....Love to ya both Sonia and Gabrielle

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.. love back at ya had to read your post twice (as I'm soo tired) but as always you are the fountain of wisdom. :-)
Gabby come back !!!!

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You are not alone and that seems to be the primary point of this site.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you on your journey with cancer. We all have a similar journey and that is nice to hear other's advice. This worked for me and that did not kind of stuff.

Remember that you are not alone in our thoughts or on your journey.

Life is a relfelction of one's self. Keep Happy thoughts!
Best Always, mike

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thanks Mike for your reply. :-)


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You can talk to me about anything...anytime. If you are sure if its "acceptable" on this board...just PM me..or catch me on FB. You mean a lot to me and I don't ever want you to think you have to hold back anything with "family". Luv you Sis!!!


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as the proselytizing. It is being told that there is only one true way to believe.

Frankly, I am happy to have Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims praying for me, under the theory that every little bit helps.

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