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Hypodense and calcified lesions

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If lesions (metastasis) on the liver are hypodense and calcified (on CT scan), is a good, bad or doesn't matter? From my research, it seems that calcification means lesions are "old" so there's no new lesion (which would be non-calcified)?


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"A hypodense lesion in your liver, is an area of tissue that is different from the normal tissue when looked at on a CT. Your lesions are areas where the tissue of the organ has become less dense, more ""friable"", or weaker than the rest of the tissue. Most often they are only found when doing an enhanced scan and can be very hard to locate. It can be nothing more then a cyst that has shown on the scan, or it can require further looking and treatment by a specialist. In the delayed phase we see that the tumor is washed out more than the surrounding liver parenchyma."

Calcification seems to me to reference to a hemengioma or a calcified liver lesion that in most cases are benign but also only 10% are normally calcified....I am only speaking in laymans knowledge...but to me, I think it is better than it sounds....remember when talking to Oncs or Surgeons, be frank, tell them..."Laymans Terms" if you don't mind Dr. "is it good, or is it bad, and to what extent good or bad is it......Thats pretty much what I end up asking when they go on this Cyberist M.D. Nomenclature Extravaganza.........c'mon doc.."Redneck it out there for me"..... :) .. works everytime.....Love and Hope for all news to be great.............Buzz

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