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Can Colo-Rectal Cancer Screening Detect Endometrial Cancer the Has Spread to the Colon/Rectum?

Synthroid Cytomel
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Can colo-rectal cancer screening, like colonoscopy, detect endometrial cancer if it has spread to the colon, rectum, or anus?

Thank you.

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I'm no expert here, but I would think that colo-rectal screening would only identify endometrial cancer if it had invaded right through the colon/rectal wall or if it was on the outside muscle layer, but was pushing inwards, causing pressure (like a "bulge") which could be seen by the 'scope. Remember that a colonoscopy is looking at the inside lining of the colon/rectum only.

My endometrial adenocarcinoma had spread from the vaginal cuff and was wrapping itself around the outside of my sigmoid colon, but it had not invaded the colon muscle wall and so was not visible from the inside of the colon when the pathology was performed. It was found by MRI scan - I have not had a colonoscopy. In England, either MRI, CT or PET/CT are the most commonly used methods for identifying a recurrence of endometrial cancer and deciding on the mode of treatment.

Sorry not to be an expert - but I hope my comments are of help.
Kind regards

Synthroid Cytomel
Posts: 10
Joined: Jan 2011

Thank you for the explanation. I guess I really need to keep pushing for the PET/CT, especially since I also have uptake on my thyroid scan (sigh).