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I was recently (1 year back) diagnosed of ALL. I do now have severe hearing loss... Has this happened to anyone else? (26/m)

Kingsley Zissou
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I was induced into a coma last year and woke up earlier this year... So I quickly realized... "why does everyone ignore me??" everyone realized that there was a problem, so my family brought pads of pens showing me what's going on with me including that I do have cancer which was when I heard about it.

I still haven't heard a real human voice since last year so this has been so difficult for me. I can't normally work or even with a social life. Hearing loss from cancer doesn't make this easy now... I have 0 idea when this will get better because I can't handle this stuff.

If this helps anything, I'm exactly 1 year when I started vincristine.


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My husband was diagnosed will ALL January 2011 and he said he has severe hearing loss. but it was to be expected from the research i did.

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My husband was diagnosed with CLL in 2008 his hearing never came back.............