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throat wont heal after radiation

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Hi All,

I’m writing here in hopes of finding out why my throat is still sore after my radiation and chemo treatment that ended almost 6 months ago in July. Each time I go back to the DR, he says, “give it time, it will heal” but still nothing. I am so hoarse and can barely make sound when I try to talk. It’s like a whisper. Without my voice, I cannot go back to work. It’s been 13 months since I stopped work for treatment. Physically, I feel great and have been working our regularly. My weigh is back as is my strength. I’ve searched for homeopathic remedies to no avail. At this point, I’ll try anything! I am so depressed that I’m thinking about things I would not have a year ago like suicide. Is there nothing I can do to help heal? I feel absolutely helpless. I can’t imagine going on without my voice. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I really can't say more than all the great advice that William has offered you. My vocal cord was paralyzed during the esophagectomy and I have left vocal cord paralysis. I can speak but it is not my regular voice in fact it is very high and at first sounded like a muppett. I cannot sing anymore in Church which I find hard. But what William says is true, you have to be seen by someone specializing in vocal cord damage, an ENT, an oncology ENT who is familiar with radiation damage. Also a speech therapist. I can't change my voice unless I undergo more surgery not an option but you might be able to be helped just by being seen by a speech pathologist or trained ENT. I have 2 voices the high pitched breathy voice and a very low Clint Eastwood voice, most of my family and friends prefer me to talk in the high pitched tone, it is too much for the low whisper. You have come too far to even think about suicide. You have survived, every day is a gift from God. We have had people come on this board who had 3 months more or less and lost the battle. You are depressed and need to talk to a trained counselor. Could you go back to the hospital where you were treated and speak to the social worker there in the cancer unit? Also join a support group for cancer patients, often called Wellness groups. Please you are a one and only person that God has put on this earth and has a purpose for you, tell your loved ones how you are feeling. Please let us know what is going on with you and if you got some help for your voice and your depression. take care, prayers for you,

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