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Colors of Cancer

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I've not seen this listed as such before...

Excerpt from "Ribbons of Life" Artist Statement...

Before my diagnosis of uterine cancer, I did not know that every type of cancer has a ribbon color and pin, not just pink for breast cancer. Thus, I used the colored ribbons to recognize 5 types of cancer that frequently affect women. Pink breast, peach uterine, green ovarian, periwinkle esophageal and lavender all gynecological cancers...
-Marjorie Johnson


BTW, I got to this link via RGW's post re: the rock band N.E.D.

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Double Whammy
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I wish the general population knew more than pink ribbons. I'm all for breast cancer research, but I so tire of pink stuff everywhere when there are so many other cancers women should be aware of. As you know, I had both breast and uterine cancer this year. I received some cancer related gifts - all pink. It was like the uterine cancer didn't even register with people or wasn't as important - only the breast cancer because of the wonderful job the bc awareness efforts have accomplished.

I see many women wearing pink ribbon pins. I don't think I've ever seen any others. Has anyone else?


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I thought Teal was the color for gyn cancers. I did meet a salesman once who was wearing a teal wristband b/c his mother had passed from a gyn cancer. I, too, am a bit overloaded from all the pink. We should all start wearing peach (uterine) or teal (all gyn), you think? :)

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I've decided that life is too short to feel bitter that breast cancer gets all the attention and research money. The way I look at it, all of the new targeted treatment options that are finally trickling down to gynecologic cancers are coming out of breast cancer research (examples: herceptin, PARP inhibitors, etc.) So, indirectly, breast cancer publicity and funding is truly helping all of us.

My little 8-year-old grandson's midget football team copied the pros and all wore pink socks and pink tape around their cleats in support of breast cancer. He said to me "Is this for your cancer? I'm wearing this to help you, Grammy." And I told him that it was helping me and could see how proud he was. I did buy pins and bracelets for my family and friends in peach. Peach may be the color of uterine cancer, but I look on support for any 'female cancers' research as a good thing that may very well directly benefit me, and I'm okay with all the pink.

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Linda, I too have developed an equanimity with the plethora of Pink for breast-specific cancer relative to women. I looked at the numbers and read the obit numbers for breast cancer folks and have been a little overwhelmed. I, like Double Whammy, have both breast cancer and uterine cancer -- both Stage IV. When I told my med-onc earlier this year i wanted to quit taking Femara (after 4 years, after 6.5 yrs. of tamoxifen) she just commented, 'Well you're being treated with Gemzar for your UPSC recurrence and it's effective against breast cancer so you should be covered' !! Share and share alike ;-)

My biggest concern, though, is for awareness re the relatively symptom-less nature of gyn cancers and the frequency of late diagnosis! If promoting the unique color of gyn cancers could help educate and hopefully save others from the extensive treatments I been through, then it's value is so very important in increasing awareness.

Color me Multi!

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Double Whammy
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I'm being a little ornery this morning. I do appreciate the relativity of breast cancer research to other cancer therapies (at least as much as I can understand). What bothers me about the pink is the non-medical personal profits and commercialization that has spun out of the awareness campaign. You know, sort of like Christmas? I guess that just goes along with the territory though and I appreciate that pink has served us all in ways we may not even be aware of and may be the catalyst toward finding a cure for all cancers. Thank you, Linda, for reminding me.

I just started aromatase therapy (Arimidex) for breast cancer (2 days ago). My med oncologist said it was also sometimes used in endometrial cancer treatments since estrogen is usually a culprit there, too. So, like Annie, but opposite, I'm getting the benefit of that breast cancer anti-estrogen drug for endo cancer, too - just in case I have a hungry stray endo cancer cell somewhere (unlikely).

I think I'll look for a way in 2011 to volunteer for gyn cancer awareness in some way. I'll wear both a pink and peach ribbon.


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I have ordered the plastic bracelets in peach that say "Say it, Fight it, Cure it". I ordered 50 of them and gave them to family and friends. Then when people told me their bracelets were broken from wearing them so much, I ordered 50 more. The web site is

I have ordered Ribbon Pins in peach also. They have a little heart on it, one has HOPE on it, and the other has an angel on it. They also have silver bracelets with peach beads on it. I ordered those for my sisters and daughters. They have all the cancers listed and their colors, too. It makes me feel good when I see them wearing the bracelets.

Suzanne I started on Arimidex today. I will be interested to hear how you are tolerating it. In peace and caring.

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D-W, I completely concur with your views of the Pink Profits come Oct each year, from every used car lot to carpet cleaner. I'm not quite sure what 'Supporting breast cancer' actually means to them. Mostly I think they get by with the concept that more people are aware breast cancer exists because they use pink in the ads. On the other hand, it is quite amazing that the basic platform of the Susan G. Komen fundraising for breast cancer research has been such a phenomenal success that it's now a go-to ad concept and sales-driver. Thirty years ago when breast cancer was an unmentionable disease who would have imagined it could reach the levels of support that it has, or, the profit-taking opportunities it provides?
I do the Relay for Life every June and this year I'll promote the Peach amidst the sea of Pink.

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The thing that troubles me most about the media's constant bombarding of the public with anything relating to breast cancer is that it leaves many women with the mistaken impression that breast cancer is the only cancer they have to worry about. Yet almost twice as many women die from lung cancer every year as die from breast cancer. I can't tell you how many discussions I've had with women where they have insisted that breast cancer was the number one cancer killer of women in the United States. Each time I am in the company of a woman who makes this erroneous comment, I politely point them to the correct statistics:


And, of course, many women still do not know, for example, that the pap test does not screen for endometrial or ovarian cancer. Not a small percentage of women I've spoken to since my diagnosis have never even heard of endometrial cancer.

Happy Holidays,


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