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upper body CT scan vs lower body CT scan

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What organs are scanned in the lower body CT scan and what organs are scanned in the upper body CT scan?

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I tried Googling and couldn't figure it out--I'm thinking neck, esophagus,lungs,heart on upper and spleen, liver, stomach intestines on lower? Just guessing though.

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I just looked at some images from a CT mom got last year. Upper body shows lungs and liver, midbody shows a mess of organs sitting on top of small intestine, and lower body shows pelvis, bladder, and things closeby. Rib and pelvic bones are clearly seen in all. I think the scan produces 5-6 views for the radiologist to study.

How did I get these? After the scan, the tech offered to burn images for me, so of course I said yes. Turned out she only gave us the pics that showed nothing. I noticed they were out of numerical sequence, and my nephew-doc confirmed that the best images were not included. Ah, the life of a presumed-stupid caregiver.

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