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Let me rephrase this, Why are there so many posts that have nothing to do with cancer?

believeit 2011
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Ok, since I have been flagged and kicked off this site (prevented from loging in) because another member didn't like the question I asked, I will try to ask again and clearly follow the "T&C guidelines. I have cancer, and I thought this site is supposed to be for cancer survivors to come and share their experiences with cancer and ask questions of people who may be of assistance with the prospect of living with cancer. Why are there so many posts about religious topics that have nothing to do with cancer? This is a forum for Spirituality, Faith and Meditation yet I continue to see posts about "religion" that have nothing to do with cancer or living with it and many are outrite critical of organized religion. I understand many people are outspoken about their views and opinions but is this site the place for it?
From the beginning of this forum;
This discussion board is intended as an outlet for CSN members who wish to discuss the role of faith and spirituality in their survivorship and/or care of a loved one with cancer. Non-judgemental attitudes and open hearts and minds ensure a safe and welcoming place for all who seek support in the CSN community.
Your CSN Staff
Do these non-cancer religious topics help in a way I am missing?

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I think that some people use the word spirituality as another name for religious beliefs and as soon as the word faith comes up that is a short hop to religion for many of them. I get that. Once religion is mentioned then some are off to the races and might lose focus now and again but the core there I believe is a strong faith that spills into every aspect of their lives.

Like most survivors there is very often, I have noticed, a great need to help others and if one survivor has been helped through the cancer journey by their faith/religion then they are driven to share their experiences and beliefs - in hopes of helping another survivor/caregiver as well with their views.

It's hard to separate faith from religion from spirituality for many - the line is too fine for some.

You do see a few posts where the posting seems to have nothing to do with cancer but usually when that happens there is some defending of faith that the writer feels compelled to explain. Wars have been waged on religious beliefs since time began I'm sure, it's a very personal and important belief for many and very intermingled with every facet of person's being and brings many strong emotions to the surface. Cancer does the same in bringing strong emotions to the surface so bring the two together in a post and you can expect fireworks now and then.

As long as people stay respectful of each other's beliefs and feelings then it's all good, it's when there is an attack tone and condemnation for one's beliefs and feelings that all goes wrong. Let's all try to keep each others feelings in focus and help and not hurt on this site. This site is for healing and feeling and dealing not destroying.

I personally think that all opinions help with our fight with cancer, enable us to see how others find strength in all kinds of issues including religion to get through their days, again though, it has to all be done respsectfully.

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When a member violates CSN terms and conditions, they may be blocked from CSN or their posts may be edited or removed. Corrective action is never the result of one, or even many, objections to something another member says. Posts may be flagged to bring them to the attention of the CSN community manager; that is all. Posts that are not found to be in violation, are unflagged.

All CSN content is monitored in an attempt to identify violations. Flagging a post only brings it to the attention of CSN more quickly. Sometimes violations are missed but every effort is made to find them and take appropriate action.

A member's total "body of work" is also taken into consideration when reviewing their contributions. Members who are consistently rude, disrespectful, etc. are counseled or blocked.

Finally, to clarify the purpose of this board...It was created as a place for respectful discussion of existential issues. CSN is not a religious site and the Spirituality, Prayer, and Meditation discussion board is not a religious forum. Proselytizing is prohibited in this forum the same as other areas of the site. There is sometimes a fine line between expressing one's religious beliefs and proselytizing. Fortunately, most members understand this and are able to abide by CSN terms and conditions without feeling they are violating their religious beliefs.

Not all conflict is bad. Conflict can bring people together when views are expressed respectfully.

Best regards,
Your CSN staff

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This forum has for the most part, been a refreshing alternative to just talking about cancer. I'm glad it was created and I've found it to be interesting and helpful.

believeit 2011
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Thanks for the explanation Greta. So am I to understand then that someone there is "judging" the members and deciding who is "worthy" of continuing membership?
"A member's total "body of work" is also taken into consideration when reviewing their contributions. Members who are consistently rude, disrespectful, etc. are counseled or blocked."
That's new to me. I've never read anywhere that someone is judging or grading us on our "value" to the website. That makes it sound like this is some exclusive country club and we get an annual review. (It already felt exclusive having cancer but this much more so)... Since I haven't received any response to my inquiries as to why I was removed, blocked, kicked off the website I wonder if you can answer me here. In a years time and over one hundred posts I haven't been "flagged" once (that I'm aware of) and I've never been "counseled" as to my behavior here. I had one post last week that asked a member a question without mentioning a name or insulting anyone. It was flagged (fine) then it was removed and I was blocked (and still am) from using the forums again. Exactly what vioalation occurred? Finally, you say "not all conflict is bad". Understood, but according to Webster's all definitions of conflict are negative. The only "good" thing about conflict is when it brings about a change for the better. Conflict just for the sake of debate is still a negative.
You can PM me if you don't block me again.
Thanks, Chris

believeit 2011
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Wow Kathy, are you serious? There is a thread just below mine that asks a question.(like I did) The author of that post has TEN posts himself on that thread responding to replies. I have ONE post responding to a reply and you say "it's time to let it go". Just what do you mean? How is asking questions argumentative? First off I never said any post was offensive so I had no reason to flag it. I didn't object to anyone's post. I made a general statement from an observation I made about several posts that were religious (actually, anti-religion) in nature and content but had nothing to do with the topic of Spirituality, prayer or meditation in relation to cancer. That puzzled me and I wanted to know why that was allowed. I had no idea this forum was for general conversation and debating the theories of religion. If that is the case I was wrong, but in my defense I only read the original description of this forum from the first day. Here is the link. http://csn.cancer.org/crss/node/168747 . It specifies, "This discussion board is intended as an outlet for CSN members who wish to discuss the role of faith and spirituality in their survivorship and/or care of a loved one with cancer." I didn't know that meant talking about Santa, the Easter bunny, Steven Hawking's opinions on God or Pat Robertson's rants. I guess I was mistaken and on that matter I am moving on. Secondly I understand if someone objected to my post and flagged it. That is the way it's supposed to work but why then was I blocked from the forums. Have you ever known someone to be blocked from the website for ONE "violation" that was questionably rude and not outright insulting or hurtfull? There were actually two replies that agreed with my questioning. Do you think they were kicked off as well? Thirdly, since I was so strictly punished for that one post and Greta talked about a member's "body of work" being considered, wouldn't anyone question that judgement? She is insinuating that I haven't made any positive contribution to these forums and that is insulting. I may not be a shoulder to cry on or spill my guts when I am hurting but no one can tell me I haven't contributed to these forums. God is the only judge of my intentions and no one here is going to belittle what I've taken part in over the last year. Lastly, the only reason I'm still posting is because I changed my username and had to use another email, not because I've been given another opportunity. I'm sure this will be blocked shortly as well since I've had to reset my password twice just to login. So be it, I'll go back to the colorectal board and lurk like many others. You guys can keep your spiritualty forum and let the Christian bashing continue as before.
Just for the record, please copy and paste the portion of my post or reply that you deem as either rude or negative.
For those who don't know, I was formerly imagineit2010, a rectal cancer survivor

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They do not have to be for religion, meditation, or spirituality per se. Some things are hard to define and may wind up here. I had a post about "trading places" that dealt with trading places with someone who was healthy, but homeless and it people would opt to give up cancer but in it's place live a life on the street. Or "what do you think happens after we die?" which everyone does, cancer or no cancer. Or others like RE's "Inspirational Quotes". There isn't a place for them and this seems a good a place as any since in a way they are cancer related in one way or another.

True, this is the place that if someone wants to believe in whatever, they can. Sometimes the posts are meant to create discussions and they do. Other times they are meant to create discussions and they create arguments instead. People can be very passionate about what they believe or do not believe (just as in the outside world) and there are conflicts that arise (just as in the outside world). I've gotten caught up in things at times that I could have ignored but didn't.

I've started topics that appear to have been thought provoking judging by the responses made that did not turn into arguments either. And I've posted some that turned into arguments too. Other members have done the same. I have found that I can not talk about cancer all of the time. While cancer is part of my life, it's not my entire life. It's interesting to have discussions about other topics that may deal with end of life issues or just funny stories and they seem to wind up there.

It's impossible to please everyone and not everyone is going to agree on everything. I will make an effort to not attack anyone's beliefs which up until fairly recently, I did not make a habit of at all. On the contrary, I'd LOVE to hear other beliefs than what is usually posted. We've had a few but I wish there were more. The more one sees, the more one sees we have more in common when it boils down. I will, however, ask people who make religious posts in the specific cancer sections to direct their posts here.

PS: Chris, I don't think you were flagged and kicked off this site because another member didn't like the question I asked. If that were the case I'd be long gone...I've been flagged many times.

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about their faith or belief it isn't responded with sarcasm, which does happen here. There can also be a fine line to throwing in something "thought provoking" or intentionally stirring up a hornets nest. I think people know when they're doing that.

I really think they should just change the name of this site to "Personal Interests" because the words "Spirituality, Prayer and Mediation" seem to be frequently misconstrued.

This site needs to be monitored more closely to see if it's really serving it's purpose.

Blessings to all!

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Glenna M
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Flagging does not make the post automatically disappear. Whenever you flag a post you will always see a message asking if you are sure you want to flag it. I believe this message shows up because reply and report as offensive are beside each other and some people (myself included) have accidentally clicked on report.

Flagging a post brings the post to the administration's attention so they can review it to see if it is really offensive.

Whenever we have been hit by a spammer you will notice that the offending posts have been flagged, the original thread is not removed, just the spam. I have seen entire threads removed but I'm not sure why this is done.

I think the administration does a good job considering how many posts there are each day and the number of members who are on this site.

Hope this answers some of your questions.


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Once someone has commented on your post or response, in my experience, you no longer have the ability to edit or delete your post or response. If I am correct, an entire post and thread is deleted only when the original post is found to be inappropirate/incendiary, whatever. It would seem logical then, that the responses would have to go too, since the first of them, at least, alludes to statements that have disappeared. It is also likely, from an IT standpoint, that it would be a bear keeping track of responses without a pointer to the original post. Just a guess.

Take care,


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Or...if YOU create the post you have the ability to delete the entire thread. Only individual comments to a thread are deleted by the CSN staff or moderator. I've found that there is a window of opportunity to edit posts once you make them but you can't delete them, only take out all of your comment and leave some text or punctuation in since you can't leave a field blank.

Believe me, I'm tempted to delete a thread or two...

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Me too! It's the only way we can take back what we said.

believeit 2011
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Joined: Dec 2010

Ummm, that's not true Phil. "Only individual comments to a thread are deleted by the CSN staff or moderator." The entire thread that got me kicked off of here was removed by someone other than myself. I was hoping it would lead to some answers but alas, some things are better not known...

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this sub board is right named and i understand why there is so much non cancer talk in this section.

personaly I have never found someones post offensive enough to try to get it kicked out.

it was months after i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer before i found this site and i wish i found it sooner.

if someone post is "ALL about a quote from a religious book" or such sure i can see how that might be not a discussion to have in other areas.

When i saw this sub-board i figured it would probaly have lots of preaching going on in it and figured i could read the subject line and figure if i wanted to read that thread or not.

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What in life doesn't have anything to do with cancer for someone with it? Answer - nothing.

There is your answer Phil.

People relate all kinds of things in their lives to their cancer condition and experience, it's a big part of their life and touches absolutely everything for them in one way or another. No big shock to me there are other issues brought up on this site.

Time to move on people.


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I can't believe or imagine you were kicked off here. Was it for the discussion on posting religious stuff on the cancer forums?
I thought it was a great debate between you and Phil, also Joe, and I enjoyed Marie's input (although my heart ached for her loses).
It was actually the thread I have enjoyed most on here, perhaps it is because you all seem so much more intelligent than I am, so I love to learn from wiser people.
Even though you all have different points I believe they are all valid. Diversity? That is good, right?

believeit 2011
Posts: 39
Joined: Dec 2010

Yes, I was, and still am, blocked from posting on this website. While it wasn't for the thread you mentioned it was a rebutle to that thread. I'll admit a perhaps ill conceived rebutle but similar in intention. I was just wondering out loud and was a bit personal so it was taken poorly and the administration decided that I no longer had anything to offer this website and gave me the boot. (hey, I've been kicked out of nicer places than this) So I changed my name (to protect the innocent) and I'll see if I can make a year with this ID... I do like a good debate but I guess I just have to stay within the fences...
Take care Norma....

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