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why are people so touchy about God

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Hello everyone my name is Bobby and I am 38 years old. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in March and have been fighting it since. I have had colon surgery to remove a foot and a golf ball sized tumor. I then had 5 rounds of chemo to shrink my tumors and by the grace of God they shrunk 40% oh sorry they were two tumors in my liver. Now I am finishing up the final 7 rounds of chemo to get to 12. Today I had round 10 and am so looking forward to getting that final round done and jumping for joy as I know that the Lord has healed me. By his stripes I am healed.

I have only been on this site for about 2 weeks and had NO clue that if I posted something of religion I would be beaten up by the non-believers out there. I had no intentions of upsetting anyone and even put in the subject line that this post was about God. I guess my issue is if they don't believe then why open that particular post and then complain about it. Why not just skip over that post and respect my beliefs the way I respect others. I respect all races, creeds, religions and sexuality but yet others want to tell me to come to this site to talk about God. They say the other place is for talking about experiences and ways to beat cancer. HELLO is there not a better way to beat cancer than to realize that Jesus Christ is the way to Heaven and that with God all things are possible.

God Bless you all


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Ignoring posts one doesn't want to read is not a solution. Proselytizing anywhere on CSN is a site violation.

Your CSN staff

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How about expressing Hindu, Muslim, Athiest, fill in in blank...views? I bet that is allowed on this site.

I feel sorry for you and for others on this website who feel it is critical to persecute Christians. I used to donate money to your organization, but I will no longer do so and I will encourage others not to do so as well.

Your loss---not mine.

God bless you...Lord knows that you need it.

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Let us hope that as you discontinue your financial support, (which I am certain was substantial and has the ACS in a frenzy at this very moment wondering how they will cover the loss), you also discontinue your 'intellectual' contributions to this site.

What is sad is that until about 24 hours ago this particular board was really one of tolerance. Interesting to me how two or three so-called christians can infect ...INFECT ... a board with their viral intolerant presence.

The Jesus I know about would be ashamed of you.

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No, Soccer:

I think the Jesus I know would be very proud of me for defending him. Too few of us do that these days.

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How presumptuous of you to, first, consider that the Son of God would NEED defending and, second, that you are up to the task. This strikes me as both blasphemous and egomaniacal.

As I recall, in the bible Jesus instructs his followers at the Garden of Gesthemane NOT to bring arms against the Roman soldiers, which is to say NOT to defend him. I recall that he also urged his followers to turn their swords into ploughshares.

Doesn't sound to me like a Son of God who needs or even WANTS defending. But then, he didn't have you around at the time.

I might have read a different book. I've certainly been wrong before.

Take care,


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What's with the persecution complex? READ the Terms & Conditions. It applies to ALL RELIGIONS. Maybe the reason you do not see comments from the religions that you are complaining about is that they actually read the T&C or they feel comfortable with their faith (and themselves) and do not need to preach to people.
Is it that hard to fathom that not everyone on the planet thinks like you do Pink?

So much for charity, you miss the whole point anyway...

I love god
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I take offense to this comment. I do not think the intent of anyone posting comments about God is to convert people. We are just sharing how we get through each day battling/surviving cancer. This is called hope. Testimonies of God's great power ,love and blessings should be included in this site. After all, we are teaching our children the value of understanding and tolerating everyones opinions and desires in our schools! How do I explain to my 14 year old niece that we cannot discuss God/Jesus on a cancer web site.

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There is a forum right here where you can do that. I don't understand how you are offended.
When you talk to your niece, please make sure that you tell her that there is a forum on this site for religious discussions. Please don't just say you can't post whatever you want, wherever you want.

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(John Prine reference)

First and foremost, congratulations on getting through your chemotherapy treatments. I am hopeful that they prove to be effective for you!

Second, while I am agnostic, I have been studying religions for basically my entire life and have been known to say, here and elsewhere, that I actually envy people of true faith: they are fortunate, I think, to have such powerful belief.

That said, you would have to be naive not to recognize that when religion or politics gets into any interchange between human beings, bad things can happen and often do happen (see the Middle East). It is unfortunate that this is so, but it happens to be a fact, or so it seems so to me.

So, many of us who use this site, in the interest of harmony and maintaining its fundamental purpose, avoid the discussion of politics and religion. From my perspective, that seems to work really well.

The adminstrators of this site, apparently in the interest of free expression, created this particular board so that people COULD express their feelings about spirituality, meditation, religion, and so on. Please note that the title of the board is broad enough to include more than one religious dogma, more than one religion, and even agnosticism, pantheism, atheism, paganism, and so on.

Personally, I have been most impressed by the civility shown on this board, and even more impressed by the inquisitive nature of many respondents.

I do not hang out on the colon board, although I have a number of friends who are quite active on it, so I haven't read the posts you speak of. Off-hand, I would say that you have a legitimate gripe if you put 'god' in the subject matter of your original post and people sought it out to write what you find to be offensive arguments. But, see the above re religion and politics.

That's the way I see it, but I've been wrong before :).

I wish you the very best with your survivorship, Bobby, and look forward to your contributions to this board.

Take care,


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Hello Bobby
I am 52 years old and was dx two years ago with stage IV colon cancer. regretably I did not truely give my self over to God untill my dx. I just wanted to say that God is a bigger part in my fight than the cancer itself.
If the CSN does not understand that then it is their loss and I pray for them.
We as Christians know we dont need luck we need GOD.

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Thank God for people like you. Thank you for posting your story. My father was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer 5 years ago and was healed. He is still here today because Jesus healed him. I prayed endlessly and asked others to pray for him. I became more spiritual and the Lord has blessed me so much as a result of my father's experience. I hope this will encourage you and others out there who have this disease or any other suffering in this life.

Keep the faith...God will grant you many blessings as a result of it. Don't ever give up!!! I will add you to my prayer list.

God bless you!!!


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Congratulations on your father's remissiion from colon cancer. It is truly one of the ugliest cancers around. I am the caregiver to my husgand who has Stage IV colon cancer.

When you say your prayers tonight, please put one in for the doctors involved in your father's care, I'm sure they had something to do with his healing.

Continued healing to all - Tina

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Thanks, Geotina:

Yes, I do say prayers for the docs who cared for my father, particularly for the excellent surgeon who removed half of his colon. God has blessed this surgeon with incredible talent. I am very thankful for doctors like him.

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CSN needs to lay ground rules because when people talk about religion they feel strongly about, things could get ugly real quick. This place is for support after all, for people with cancer of whatever religion or non-religion. They don't want us using the cancer board to push individual opinions. We discuss them on the spirituality board but aren't to push an agenda. That's all of us. If you want to say whatever you want, there are free sites you can use. Google blogspot is one of them. I did not read what went on in the colon cancer board, just trying to help. A flame war doesn't help anyone.

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Bobby, I don't understand why you feel "beaten up" as you put it. I feel that everyone is able to believe whatever they want to believe. This goes for christian, muslims, hindus, jews, agnostics, atheists, santa claus...whatever. The point of this site is about dealing with cancer and there are numerous forums set up to help people with a wide variety of cancers as well as other issues that go along with it. While often many people find solace in their faith there is a line between praying for someone and preaching and/or turning the site into a bible study group. That is where the problems arise. This is not a freedom of speech issue as many would like to think it is, but as Greta pointed out, this site has Terms & Conditions that need to be followed. It's very common, this is nothing new. This site is not a christian bible study site. If it were and you were being asked to not post then you would have a valid complaint.

Many people like to be able to go to the colon cancer forum and discuss things that have to do with colon cancer. I do not want to have to be careful what I click on to avoid hearing about something that is not related to colon cancer. I don't feel that is too much to ask. While I can avoid posts, posts can also be but under the proper forum which really seems like a more sensible solution. When I want to discuss religion or hear other people's religious views, I come here to do that.

It has nothing to do with christianity, the same holds true for ANY religion. While it may be your duty to preach just as it is in many other faiths, there is a place for it. That is part of why this forum was created. I've noticed that people with strong faith often find it hard to understand that others do not share their beliefs. Trust me, many people do not share the same faith. I feel the same way. I don't understand how so many people can believe in religions that take ancient books that were written at a time when people thought that if they sailed in a boat they would fall off the edge of the earth or be eaten by serpents, as being facts. But getting into discussions, which in the past become very heated, really do not belong in a section of the cancer site that is supposed to be focusing on sharing information about different treatments and how we handled them or what new advances have been made in battling cancer. It helps no one and just divides us. What does it have to do with dealing with side effects? If one is going to ignore medicine and just pray for healing then they are possibly at the wrong site.

And just reading the end of your post could really be offensive to many. There are other faiths out there that do not believe in the Jesus Christ thing. So are they doomed then in your eyes? It's that mentality that has caused 99% of the world's suffering and it's nice to know that it's thriving in the good old USA.

I'll stick to my doctors for beating cancer.
Be well,

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I hear what you are saying, phil.

I have to note, though, not one of my husband's many doctors who performed procedures did so without asking our permission for prayer first.

Because Jim and I are Christians, we welcomed the prayers.

I agree this board is not a place for denigration of any religion. Also, one of the reasons we come here is not to offend others but to offer support.

My Christ speaks of meekness and gentleness in our relationships with others; tolerance was also another of His teachings.

And, for Bobby who posts on this site: remember, Christians are taught to anticipate condemnation for their beliefs.

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I've had so many people pray for me and I am not offended by it at all. I see it as being symbolic of wanting everything to go well. Then again, I live in the NYC area so religion has a different meaning or is expressed differently than in other parts of the country like say...the bible belt. To live in the NYC area, one has to be tolerant of EVERYONE. It really is a melting pot of races, cultures, lifestyles, education, and the list goes on. I do have friends who live in some states where everyone on their block is a christian, a republican, or some other tight group of like minded people. It's not right or wrong nor here nor there, it's just the way it is. I prefer having a mix of peoples personally. I believe more can be said about a person by their actions and interactions with people more than by the label they attach to themselves.

I think everyone can expect condemnation for whatever their beliefs are. The jews certainly had their share of it too. Until people can look at themselves as human beings who have to share the earth and not as this or that, we will continue to have the conflicts we've had through history. It's really all about control of people and of resources (unfortunately).

But I think one can not go wrong with tolerance and with the Golden Rule.
It seems too simple doesn't it?

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Nope, it seems just about right.

We live in Huntsville, Alabama and while people may think of Alabama as very Southern (and in some ways, it is) it is also very cosmopolitan because of the military base located here, as well as the space and aeronautical work effort. I grew up with friends from a variety of religions and belief systems.

Tolerance is definitely a virtue worth cultivating. No matter who you are or where you live.

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How does he choose who to save.Are some better than others.My wife was very relegious and prayed fervantly.Not just for herself but for everyone.Why did he choose to take her.Did it come up tails?? I know she was special and he wanted her to help do his work. Thanks

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Isn't our battle big enough dealing with cancer? Do we really need to start beating up other cancer patients with religious wars and disrespectful and presumptious statements? What freakin good does that do anyone? THIS IS A SUPPORT SITE.

This is a support site and if believing in a tree frog helps you get through cancer then so be it. I get the boundaries set by CSN, for those who go overboard with forcing their religion on others, or trying to, and preaching, but if the occassional comment on how their faith got them through cancer happens then I don't think the person should be attacked for believing whatever it is that they believe. Faith in lots of things is powerful medicine, even faith in your doctors can turn the tide in your health - it's happened over and over. I for one have great faith in one of my specialists in particular and he has given me such peace of mind in having that kind of deep faith in him.

Faith comes in all forms so let's appreciate each other, learn from each other and if we don't agree with someone there is a right and wrong way to do that. What makes me more upset than anything is seeing newbies comments on how they came to this site for help but see the fighting and angry words and leave and won't come back. To those who lash out at people on here for any reason, STOP IT. I'm sorry to sound so abrupt but I have pretty much had it with angry outbursts, this is a cancer SUPPORT SITE, SUPPORT, SUPPORT. Some have stronger ways of expressing themselves, I get that, but it crosses the line to be mean and degrading and totally disrespectful. After you write a post I would suggest you re-read it before you hit send, each time, and before you do ask yourself 'what is this person who is going through cancer really saying and how hard is their life right now trying to beat this freakin disease?' What can I say to HELP them?' Then hit edit and try again if anything you typed would make them feel bad, misunderstood, called down, beaten up, or just plain pooped on.

Just stop it.


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I agree completely Bluerose.
If everyone followed the guidelines it would be much easier. If someone finds something offensive or wrong just flag it and move on. Let the CSN adm. decide what is right or wrong. People will get the drift. It doesn't need to be an argument every time. Why is there even an administrator if members try to police the site with political correctness???
I have noticed MANY different people with religious posts here and there but always the same couple people replying to say they are out of line or violating the guidelines. I would say it is obvious where the lack of tollerence lies.

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