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Medicine for Mouth Sores

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Joined: Nov 2010

Is there a general consensus for what meds have worked the best for the mouth sores?

Can you share your personal choice with me.

Thank you.

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I do not remember what the dr prescribed for me, but it was some type of antibiotic pill. The mouth sores started getting better after a couple days. I only had mouth sores from the 1st chemo cycle, and not the second cycle. Lori

Donna M
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Joined: Jul 2010

"Paint" the sores with Milanta. It takes away the burn even though it tastes nasty. I found Oasis Moisturizing mouthwash and spray helped as well. It stings a little at first but it lasted hours for me.

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Hi Candy--

Try a rinse made with one-half teaspoon baking soda mixed into a half-cup of water. Some people have success with a salt and water combination. Either should be used frequently throughout the day.


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I rinsed my mouth numerous times throughout the day with baking soda and warm water.


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caphasol works has to be prescribed by doctor. i had so many huge sores during first chemo that i could not talk nor eat. the stuff works but took me 5 days to get it because the nurse forgot to tell my oncologist. sephie

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I used "Magic Swizzle" (I think that is the name) and the doc also ordered me Nystan (sp?) to rinse with. The second time around they gave me a prescription for "diflucan" and I never got any mouth sores.

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I have to say I didn't get mouth sores at all. I did get a little thrush, which was treated with medications for thrush, both times I had Chemo. As for mouth sores I wasn't given anything to prevent them, nor did I get any sores. Again though I drank lots of water and rinsed my mouth throughout the day.

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It's a prescription and it really works! Ask your chemo doc or the nurses.


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I was prescribed this by my med onc for thrush. While it's not pleasant to use, it cleared up the yeast infection, which I experienced during both rounds of chemo. However, I never really experienced mouth sores like others do.

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I did have the mouth sores...to the point of not being able to eat. Magic Mouthwash really was a Godsend.


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