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Two steps forward, three steps back...

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luz del lago
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Well, after 6 sessions of cisplatin/etoposide, my hubby's lung mass and liver lesions had been reduced about 75%, according to his doctor, a very good response. So good that they encouraged him to have the WBR to further help his survival. So 3 weeks after the radiation we have received the results of the CT scan. The mass in his lungs and the lesions in his liver are pretty much back to the size they were when first diagnosed. And since it has not even been quite 3 months since his first chemo, based on research, the "topotecan" chemo will not be administered as it has proven not to be effective so soon after the firstline chemo.
His wonderful Oncologist has recommended gemcitabine (gemzar)/paclitaxel as his next chemo. She explained to us that this is not a standard line of treatment but that when she used it on another patient with disease very similar to my husband's, she had good results. The patient tolerated the chemo well and it killed some of the cancer.
Has anyone had any experience with this chemo treatment? If you don't mind sharing, we would be grateful to hear from you.
We are sad at this development, but will always put ourselves in God's hands and know that He will always be with us. But... we will not give up without a fight!!

Bless you all,


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Hello, Same thing happened to my mother.. She was diagnosed w/SCLC - ext at the end of May.. Went thru 4 rounds of chemo. CT Scan after chemo showed that tumors shrunk by 50%..(We were so excited!) After that we started WBR, then chest radiation. This week my Mom had shortness of breath so we took her to the ER. After a new CT Scan, it showed that the cancer was back and bigger.. So now we're trying Carboplastin & CPT-11. Hoping for the best!.. Feel like we're starting over.. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your husband.. Deb.

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luz del lago
Posts: 452
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Hi Deb,
So sorry to hear of your mom's recurrence. I pray that she may be able to regain some strength and tolerate the next chemo. What makes me sad is watching them go through everything, hoping that it works and keeps the "monster" at bay, at least long enough to feel better and resume doing some of the things that brought pleasure before the diagnosis, and then to see how disappointed they can be to hear it all has to begin all over again.
May God help your mom and my hubby through this next road of the journey. May He protect them and keep them strong. And for us, may He watch over us and give us strength and courage to walk alongside of them. Lucy

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