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My 31 yrs old son have HCC with hepatitis B - spread to his lungs.

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My 31 yrs old son was diagnosed with HCC last February 2009. He also have Hepatitis B. He had 4.7 cm tumor and another one but less smaller.He had liver resection on May 2009, but because he have Hepatitis B he is no longer a candidate for liver transplant as what the oncologist said the cancer will keep on coming back. True enough the cancer came back after 5 months of liver resection. He had TACE October 2009, January 2010, February 2010 and May 2010. Last September 2010 his oncologist inform him that there is nothing else they can do as his cancer keeps on coming back and at present he have two 6.8 and 5.7 tumor on his liver and they cant give him more Chemoembolization because his liver will not be able to take it. They said they are sorry because they overloaded his liver with chemo to get rid of his tumor and he cant have a clinical trial anymore because his liver function is not good. And also the cancer spread to his lungs. They refer him to palliative care to make him feel comfortable and painless. We knew that the 4th Chemoembolization was so bad because his skin and eyes turned so yellow, liver was so damaged from the Chemoembolization. At present he have ascites and we have to go to the hospital to drain him, but because the ascites keeps on coming back they put a shunt? or a permanent tube so he or the nurse who comes by can drain him every now and then. His condition right now is yellow skin and eyes, ascites, swollen feet and of course the tumor on his liver and lungs. He is on Neuropathic treatment right now taking at least 18 natural pills and they gave him a mild dosage thru IV of vitamin C. I am not giving up on my son and so with him, he said even his chance is 1% he still will not give up. He is very strong spiritually and full of hope. As a mother I will not give up on him, day and night I have been searching on internet for second opinion...some of them at the beginning I thought are good like some Alternative treatment in Mexico but after I inquire they keep on calling and rushing us and asking for downpayment.Im thinking of John Hopkins and they sent me the form to fill up and the Second Opinion Doctors will review his case according to his latest MRI,Ultrasound and blood works for his liver function. Can anyone please share with me your experience or your case or if you know any hospital? John Hopkins will take at least a month to review, I hope my son can wait that long.

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Hello and welcome to this discussion board. I come here because I was a caregiver for my dad. He passed away in March from esophageal cancer with mets to his liver. Your son's symptoms sound identical to my dad's. Jaundice, swollen feet and ankles. My dad had a stent put in his liver's bile duct. The bile duct was blocked with the cancer. This stent did help to ease the pain, and to make him less jaundice. My dad was 71. He fought this with all he had for 16 months. My dad did not have a positive mind set. He was not that spiritual. Your son is young, positive, and spiritual. All of these things are to his advantage. I do know from what I have learned about liver cancer, that there are now treatments being done called, theraspheres. It is where the chemo is injected directly into the cancerous tumor. There is a man on the esophageal discussion board whose cancer went to his liver, that is receiving these treatments and doing well. I believe he is going to a hospital in Florida. You can look up this type of treatment, I am sure it will tell you where it is being done. Keep up your positive attitude, keep a strong faith, and do not give up! Stay in touch when you can.
Tina in Va

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Sorry to hear about your Dad. Last Tuesday we went to the hospital and they put a permanent not sure about it, if its shunt or stent, but the main purpose is to drain the ascites or fluid in his stomach. I search the internet and it says the reason why my son is yellow is because of his high biliburin and it is related to blocking of the bile duct because of his cancer. It makes me wonder why they are not doing anything about his bile duct like the way they did to your Dad. The oncologist here in Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto,Canada gave up on my son, they said there is nothing else they can do. So, I sent my son's records to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Clinic in New York to review my sons case and see if theres something else they can still do. Right now I am waiting for their reply if they will accept my sons case. I heard about theraspheres treatment and I am hoping they can do this to my son because he have not had this kind of treatment. I will check the discussion board and check that man's story re theraspheres. Thank you so much Tina, it is always good to know that someone out there, not knowing me personally, will be so kind to share her experience, its nice to know I am not alone on this most difficult time of my life. God bless you!

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