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removal of feeding tube

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hi everyone me again I had a ?? when the feeding tube is removed what is the process and will it be painfull?

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D Lewis
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PEG tubes can be removed by the Doctor simply pulling them (VERY HARD) to get them out. The surgical procedure for the installation of a "g" tube is different, and I believe they have to be removed surgically, under anesthesia.

I had the PEG. PEG removal is different for everyone. I had a small woman gastroenterologist, and she had to pull very slowly. Seemed like it took somewhere from 20 to 30 seconds and I felt a very intense burn. I was seriously uncomfortable for a couple of minutes afterward - but then the pain went away. Other folks here had theirs jerked out a lot faster, and it didn't seem to hurt them as much. I believe I am just a wuss... I wanted to yelp like a puppy, and I made the nurse hold my hand. Bounced right back from it, though. I was SO happy to have it gone.


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HEY 31,

As Deb says, if you have a PEG, it depends on the type of device at the end of the tube which holds it inside your stomach. If it is a baloon type, i.e., filled with saline, that's a piece of cake, it just slides out once deflated. If the end of the tube is held in by a small diaphram, as mine is (and sounds like Deb's was), it does feel like a quick burn when it is quickly jerked out, but the "discomfort/pain" rapidly dissipates. I get a new tube every 1-2 years; not my favorate activity. Just take a deep breath, and think of something that you really enjoy.


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Posts: 72
Joined: Apr 2010

thanks guys mine i belive has a clamp on the inside when i accidently steped on the tube part and yanked it out ( was feeding and the tube part was to long so im walking and steped on it in case anyone wonder how that happend) but anyway when the guy replaced it he feelt for what feelt to me was clamp opened it up and slide the tube part in it im just gon close my eyes curl my toes and be ready lol God bless

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When I had my tube removed I really thought that it would be painful. Other then the intern pressing on my gut to stop the initial bleeding it really didn't hurt. It is such a blessing not to have it anymore.

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My GI who put my PEG tube in said he does NOT like the whole "yanking" thing and that after treatment when the throat feels up to it he goes back in and removes the way it went in.
He said it's much easier on the stomach.

Sounds fine by me.

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I just had mine pulled a couple of days ago. I thought they had put the ballon type in me, but it ended being one they had to "yank". It was quick and relatively painless. Kinda like a bee sting. It'll be over before you know it. And there was no lingering pain for me.



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It might hurt for a second but it will feel so much better when that thing is gone that it will be worth the momentary discomfort. So nice to be able to bend over without feeling like there is a knife in your gut. I hated getting hunger pains when that thing was in there. Feels sooo good to be free of it. Can't wait for you to feel it. :)

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Hey there...Mike had his PEG tube removed on Tuesday!! He had the "diaphragm" like piece at the end...the doctor wiggled a little and pulled it out. Mike didn't flinch or feel a thing. We waited longer in the waiting room then in the exam room. He feels great with it out..no pain, a little drainage. Good luck!

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I had a G-Tube instead of a PEG. It had a ballon end in the stomach. They had me lie down on my back. Then, they deflated the ballon in about 30 seconds and it slipped right out in about 1 second. No pain killers, no mess, no hassle.

There was absolutely no pain, just a quick sensation of something slipping out. They then put a bandage over the hole and told me not to get it wet for 48 hours.

I spent way more time in the waiting room than I did getting it out.


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Pam M
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Doc wanted me out for the party - when I told the nurse that most of my online buds got theirs yanked, she acted like the other docs must be barbarians. Worked out - while I was out, he did a dilation, too. You can call, and ask how they'll do yours.

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They apparently are pulling mine out! My reply, can we go to Plan B! Apparently not in the card's.

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Glenna M
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Don't worry Roz, you can handle it!!! The doctor and her assistant were talking to me and it distracted me enough that it was relatively painless. More light a mild stinging for a couple of seconds. You can do it!!! When are you getting yours out???

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I am waiting for the call lol! My oncologist told his nurse to make my appointment with the Dr who put my tube in. I am pretty tough & you are right I can handle it. I just don;t like the thought of it lol. My nutritionist said you gave birth 3 times so this is a piece of cake, It will be so nice to wear a fitted sweater for a change.

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Glenna M
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Hoping you get the call soon and get your PEG out. It's amazing how much this lifts your spirits, no more baggy tops just to try to hide the lumpy bulge on your stomach.

LOL on the childbirth, this is more like a very mild bee sting that only last a couple of seconds.

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I never had a PEG so I don’t know but I do hope and pray it will be painless for you

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Kent Cass
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A previous post was close to mine. Surgeon took it out in his office. Laying flat on my back, he twisted it around for a couple seconds to make sure it was free of attachment to my stomach wall, then just yanked it out. He had forewarned me that mine was a bit larger than some (15/16" in diameter), so I would feel it. Took maybe 7-10 seconds of discomfort, as it didn't want to come out easily. But once it did- not a problem with discomfort. And, hey- compared to where we've all been, it was a walk in the park, girl. Not a problem.


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I had mine out ~11 years ago, but the doctor put his foot on my chair, wrapped the tube around his forearm, and yanked.

However, he did it so fast, I didn't even have time to register what he was doing until it was over...

hopefully they have a better process these days...

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They put my husband out and did a scope to look around at the same time... I was glad they did that... always feels good to get eyes on things and hear good news!

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Joined: Apr 2010

They yank it out here! I asked my hubby to do it, but he graciously declined. He has huge hand's & a good grip so I trust him. He looked at me like I was nut's. It is about time as I am 8 month's post treatment & eating almost too well lol!

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ok don't have hubby pull it. if it is a saline baloon type holding it in, it has to be drained before they pull it. On the good side it was not painfull. no matter how much i was not looking forward to it.

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Thank you for that! I am excited to have it removed. Hubby will not accept responsiblity
if something did go wrong.

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I had my PEG removed on Sep 28th and I felt like a new automobile tire: TUBELESS!

Didn't hurt and took about 30 seconds: the docc deflated the balloon, told me to push my stomach out, and pulled the tube out. A little sting but no pain. Healed in a few days and now I can sport an extra belly button.

Hang tough and enjoy re-introducing your body to real food.


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