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Birthday takes on new meaning...............

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Since my diagnosis last Feb., I often wondered if I would see my 58th b'day.
Today is here, I made it thanks to prayers, family support, medical advancements. I am eternally grateful for all the support.
I know I have a long way to go but as they say, "one day at a time" and "keep positive".

Thanks to all for your contributions. God bless...........

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And may you have many, many more!


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Happy birthday! I'm a libra too!

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Glad you made it to your 58th birthday! Hope you celebrated. Keep fighting every day and soon you'll be getting ready for your 59th and then the big "60"!!! Hope you're doing okay! Keep us posted, okay? "Carole"

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around the Sun...
Congrats and Happy Birthday.
I'm a Libra too.
I love (my) birthday but I don't make a big deal out of it. I just soak it all in...

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for all the well wishes. Phil, I'm a guitar player too, grew up with the Beatles as influence. My dad bought me and my 6 brothers one guitar. We took turns playing and that was 1966 and we still play together. By the way, you look a lot like Eric Clapton!

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I've heard that a lot with this photo. I do enjoy the Beatles and Clapton and much more. big blues fan and good old R&R (and jazz, classical, cuban music....)

Speaking of the Beatles, I recently saw the Fab Faux, the band that plays Beatles tunes practically note for note from their albums. They don't try to look like them but man, do they have the songs down. Will Lee (Letterman's bass player) and Jimmy Vivino (Conan's guitarist) are in the band along with a few other guys. The show was a celebration of what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday. It was at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. One of the best shows I've ever seen/heard.

That's great that you guys still play together. The family that plays together stays together! My brother plays too but we don't get to play that often together. I do get together with a few guys on a somewhat regular basis to jam. It's a blast, I enjoy it a lot. I've found that guitar helps me get through a lot of the cancer stuff even though some times I just do not feel like playing.

Keep it up Gerry!
Rock on...
BTW: I have a few tunes posted on my Expression Page.

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My first thought was the same as gerry's, so I'm not surprised you get that response a lot ;-)

I've been posting on the lung cancer (and sometimes brain) threads since 2007 and I never paid attention to other areas of the board, I'm now realizing what incredible discussions I've been missing! I do see, though, that this group only opened in the middle of last year, so I only have a year and a third to catch up on...
I took a break from here for a while and joined Inspire, and eventually managed to get myself thrown off for objecting to two things: quackery, and over-the-top praying, particularly in the Drug Abuse section. I don't care about the occasional "god bless" that a lot of people there sign out with, but this woman was just way too full of her religion and itching to share it. I'm an atheist, I would never push my views on someone the way a lot of religious (and probably some agnostic/atheist) people do.
- I also objected strongly to posts about Kangen Water/Budwig Diets/Bio-mats/Laetrile, etc, but that's another story!

Somehow, you all seem to have the ability to share your thoughts without getting heated about them, we could have used more of that at Inspire. Or maybe you just know better than I did what threads to keep your distance from ;-)

Still reading my way through these threads,
stay well,

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You know how Clapton is called "Slowhand"? Well I'm known as "All Thumbs"
I have a few cheesy recordings of some tunes that I've done plus some photos of my guitars on my Expressions page. I mainly play rhythm guitar although I'm venturing into playing more leads.
Glad you found this part of the site.

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Hi Gerry

I know the feeling, I will make 55 in March but I am not in a hurry.

Happy Birthday to you my friend

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Every day is such a blessing and gift. I used to always do the 'ol..."Oh no, another year getting older"...now AFTER cancer, it's Woo Hoo!!!



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